Name: Saiaino Kougi
Meaning: Beloved of Justice
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: September 24
Blood Type: A
Physical Appearance: Kougi is very tall, standing at 5’11 with long, thick teal hair and dark green eyes. Her skin tone is average, but she has a mole under her left eye. She hates it and tries to cover it up with makeup. She has a longer neck than normal, a fact she tries to hide by wearing high collared shirts and turtle necks. Her hair is always up in a very poofy ponytail.
Clothing Style: She never wears skirts and dresses if she can help it. Her preference is wear loose pants and long sleeved shirts. In hotter weather, she’ll wear shorter sleeved ones to keep herself from over heating. Kougi was born with a sight impediment, so she wears thick glasses. She’s rarely seen reading outside of her home because she hates wearing the stupid things.
Personality: Kougi isn’t shy at all. She tends to express her opinion even when it conflicts with that of those around her. She also tends to think that her opinion is the right one and that people should listen to it. She’s often told that she is this way because she’s insecure. That couldn’t be more wrong. She’s very secure in who she is. While pretending on the outside to be a very devout worshipper, she secretly refuses to believe in religion. Her favorite subject in school is history and history has taught her that all manner of atrocities are committed in the name of one religion or another. She feels that it’s better to just live a good life and not rely on an external source or higher being for anything. This is the one opinion she keeps to herself.
Talents: Reading and debating.
Grade level: 12

Talents: Reading and debating
Fears: going blind
Dislikes: She most definitely does not like people who are afraid to express themselves, seeing them as weak. She can’t stand being cold. She doesn’t like people who are always gloomy or Gothy people. She’s also allergic to cherries and cherry blossoms.
Likes/Hobbies: Reading and debating. She likes to argue with people because it helps her learn about how people think. She likes to read because of the same reason. Her tastes include a wide variety of topics.
Favorite Food: Fried rice, spring rolls, teas
Least Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite School Subject: history
Least Favorite Subject: the sciences
Favorite Gemstone: lapis lazuli
Favorite Color: teal
Favorite Mythological Animal: sphinx
Favorite Animal: birds
Favorite Flower: blue rose
Least Favorite Flower: cherry blossom
Strengths: Will listen to all sides of an argument before making a decision on something. She’s very knowledgeable about a lot of things. She’s good at faking that she can see better than she really can. She’s very stubborn.
Weaknesses: Her dependence on her glasses. She’s very highly opinionated. Doesn’t like to ask for help. Is extremely shy around boys
History: Kougi lives with both her parents and her older brother named Shogo. Her father’s law firm opened a new branch in Elysium Valley and he got transferred there, so the whole family moved from their condo in Yokohama to a decent sized house in the Ambrosia Heights Housing District. She goes to Elysium Valley High school and is looking forward to graduation. She has no dreams about being a senshi and no urge to be anything but who she is. She hopes to win a scholarship to the university in Tokyo and become a lawyer like her father. She doesn’t believe in organized religion of any kind.
As a student, she’s getting good grades, but it bores her. Her heart wants more out of life. Her favorite subject in school is history. In order to keep the mistakes of the past from happening, she strives to have a broader knowledge of the past to safeguard the future.

Senshi Name: Sailorma’at
Symbol: stylized ostrich feather in gold and lapis lazuli
Aura Color: Lapis Lazuli
Colors: lapis lazuli, gold, teal
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive
Senshi Strengths: Adapts easily to weird situations. Isn’t easily fooled or deceived. Can navigate well in the dark. She has very good hearing. Has very good sense of direction.
Senshi Weakness: Can’t remember anything about her past life as a senshi. Doesn’t really have good aim because of her eyes. Sometimes she can be a little too neutral and impartial. She doesn’t always swing to the side of good. Even though her sight is bad, a blast of light is extremely devastating.<
Weapons: none
Fuku Design: > No tiara. Gold collar with no stripes with a stylized ostrich feather pin. Lapis lazuli skirt, and bodice cut to reveal her abdomen. The bodice has grey sleeves that go to her mid forearm with lapis lazuli diamonds at the bottom. Beneath her sleeves, she has longer gold sleeves that nearly cover her fingers. She has a grey skirt band. On her skirt is a double patter in gold and a slightly longer one in grey. Around her left thigh, she has a gold garter. She has nail polish in her aura color. She wears sandals on her feet that lace half way up her calf.

Henshin Phrase: Ma’at Justice Power, Make Up!<
Henshin Item: pin with the ostrich feather on it
Henshin Sequence: > Nothing really fancy. She holds the pin out in front of her a light comes off it, surrounding her in a column. It collapses in on her and forms her fuku. The light vanishes in a flurry of feathers and SailorMa’at appears
Origin of Power/Influence: Justice with powers coming from storms
Elemental strengths: Truth, Air
Elemental weaknesses: Cold/Ice and light

Name of Power: Ma’at Feather Storm
Power type: Offensive
Description: Sends a flurry of golden feathers from her outstretched hand. To perform the attack, she arcs one arm up from her thighs, over her head, down to the other side, and shoots it forward, releasing the feathers. It damages anything in front of her gets hit. It stings pretty bad, but she’s not powerful enough for it to do serious damage.

Name of Power:
Power Type:




















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