Earth Name: Kitamon Aoumigame
Translation: North gate green sea turtle
Gender: female
Age: 23
Birthday: December 31
Blood Type: B
Appearance: She’s short, standing at 5’5’’, with black hair and brown eyes. Her hair is short and looks windblown. Her bangs are a little on the long side, almost falling into her eyes. She has a darker skin tone.
Personality: Ao is a Kametaku (a turtle fancier) and has a large collection of turtle paraphernalia. And really, that’s the only light side to her personality. When she’s talking about turtles, she’s the happiest and no one would suspect that there’s anything strange about this girl. Behind that, Ao is weird. Very, very weird. Weird bordering on creepy. She has this weird obsession with darkness and the cold, going out in the winter in shorts and t-shirts drinking cold drinks. She has a sick and twisted sense of humor that borders on the sadistic. She’s quick to put people down. She also has a habit of referring to people by their first names, regardless of how wells he knows them.
Current Home:Lives in a one room apartment in Yokohama
First Appearance: Act 02


Talents: freaking people out
Fears: sunburns
Likes: Turtles, the dark, cold, night time
Dislikes: Birds, bright lights,
Hobbies: Turtles, ice sculptures
Job: part time restaurant waitress
Favorite Food: maki rolls
Least Favorite Food: takoyaki
Favorite School Subject: math, gym (but just the swimming unit)
Least Favorite Subject: music
Favorite Gemstone: emerald
Favorite Color: black, green, white, silver, grey
Favorite Mythological Animal: sea monsters
Favorite Animal: turtles (especially sea turtles)
Favorite Flower: poppy
Least Favorite Flower: roses (so clichéd)
Strengths:Anything dealing with turtles, cold tolerance, insults
Weakness: Behaving like a normal person, being nice, can’t stand excessive cuteness
Family: No information is available
History: No information is available


Senshi Name: Sailorgenbu
Senshi Title: Guardian Senshi of the Water, the Dark Warrior
Introduction Speech: I am the Guardian of the North, Sailorgenbu. May your soul rot in a frozen hell.
First Appearance: Act 02
Aura Color: green
Colors: black, green
Type of Character In Battle: Defensive with destructive tendencies
Senshi Strengths: attacks with very little provocation, quick to defend, has a habit of annoying the enemy
Senshi Weaknesses: Cold, calculating, cruel, tends to snub her teammates
Weapon: she carries a long curved sword and a matching dagger.
Current Fuku Design: Genbu wears a black sailor collar that crosses over her bust and ties behind her in a bow with long trailing ribbons. Her light green top is barely visible beneath the dark green armor that protects her stomach. The armor comes to a point between her breasts and goes down to a point where the top of her skirt puff would be if she wore a traditional sailor fuku. Emblazoned on the front of the armor is the Genbu symbol in light green. Beneath the bottom edge of the armor is a transparent light green skirt that doesn’t go much past her hips. Beneath that skirt is a pair of black skin tight shorts that go half way down her thigh. Her knee high boots are dark green that form a triangle at the top and go to a curved edge down by her ankles. They turn black then until they reach the dark green toe caps. On her arms, she wears dark green bracers that run from her elbows down to cover the back of her hands.


Basic Henshin Phrase: Genbu Guardian Power, Make Up!
Henshin Object: A black velvet chocker with an obsidian teardrop pendant.
Henshin Transformation: A sickly green light surrounds her briefly and then she appears as Sailorgenbu.
Origin of Power/Influence: Water/Ice
Elemental Strengths:Water/Ice, cold/darkness
Elemental Weaknesses: Fire, light
Power Name: Ice Razor
Power Level: Basic
Type: Offensive
Description:She puts her fingers to her lips and blows a kiss. Her breath crystallizes and shatters.

Power Name: Dark Water Surge
Power Level: Super
Type: Offensive/Destructive
Description: A massive wave of black water slams into the opponent. Normally, this is a simple offensive attack, but when combined with some sword work, it can literally rip a target to shreds.


Past Name: Xuan Shui
Translation: black river
Attire: No information is available
Crystal/Weapon: No information is available
Powers: No information is available
Personality: No information is available
First Appearance: No information is available


Name: Haiyang
Translation: Ocean
Gender: M
Age: unknown, assumed to be over a thousand
Current Home: Yokohama
Appearance: he’s a small green-brown turtle in his animal form. In his fairy form, he’s small with transparent green-gold wings, brown-green hair and black eyes. His green-brown hair is mostly pulled up into a large bun at the top of his head, but he has two long, puffy strands of hair hanging on front of each ear. He wears a long sleeved black shirt with bands of green on it. The shirt is long, but slit to the hip on the left side to make movement easier. It’s belted around the waist with a light green sash. His pants are dark green and his knee high boots are black.
Personality: He is very grumpy and doesn’t like being bothered. He has a soft spot for Ao, but doesn’t deal well with anyone else. He is especially not fond of Hinotori and Quing.

Opening Theme:
Image song: Winter – Tori Amos
Cell phone ring tone:
Dance Club Mix:
Memory Retrieval Mix:
Romance Mix:
Background Mix:
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix: ‘Fuck it’ – Seether
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix:
Closing Theme: