Name: Manda
Meaning: loveable, harmony, Saturn, god of the occult
Gender: female
Age: 21
Birthday: January 13, a Capricorn
Blood Type: unknown
Appearance: Manda is a little strange to look at, but given her profession in life, it’s understandable. As a civilian, her natural hair color is unknown to the general public as she frequently changes its color to those not found in nature. Her eyes are light blue. She’s 5’7’’ and weighs 130 lbs as she has a very slight frame.
As a senshi, her hair becomes a metallic clue color with frosty purple tips and darker blue highlights. Her eyes as a senshi are purple.
Personality: She has a bit of an erratic personality and she seems very off the wall.


Talents: music, bass guitar
Fears: spiders
Dislikes: canned music
Likes/Hobbies: astrology
Favorite Food: red bean buns
Least Favorite Food:
Favorite School Subject:
Least Favorite Subject:
Favorite Gemstone: obsidian
Favorite Color: mulled wine
Favorite Mythological Animal: titans
Favorite Animal: cats
Favorite Flower: mistletoe
Least Favorite Flower: poinsettia
Family: unknown
History: She is the singer known as Aeon. Her debut album Eternal Time was certified gold within its first two weeks. Little is known about her personal life or even her family history.


Senshi Name: Sailorcronos
Senshi Title: Keeper of Time
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Saturn
Aura Color: wine berry
Colors: Burnt Sienna, wine berry, mulled wine
Type of Character In Battle:
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapons: obsidian scythe
Fuku Design:


Henshin Phrase: Cronos Soul Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: time with powers coming from chaos
Elemental strengths: darkness, life, death
Elemental weaknesses: order, light,

Name of Power:
Power Type:


Princess Name: Ritu
Name Meaning: clock (time or season)


Opening Theme: ‘Twitch’ – Bif Naked
Image song:
Dance Club Mix: ‘Numb’ – Linkin Park
Memory Retrieval Mix:
Romance Mix: ‘Hong Dou’ – Faye Wong
Background Mix :
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix: ‘Broken’ – Seether feat. Amy Lee
Closing Theme: