Name: Ziarre
Meaning: goddess of the sky
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: February 14
Blood Type: A (nervous, introverted, honest, loyal)
Appearance: Her long hair is light golden brown and her skin tone is kind of a dusty ivory. She has thicker eyebrows than average and thin lips. Her narrow eyes are Wedgewood blue.
Personality: The key word with this girl is silent. She’s very much like a ghost that haunts the Ward she’s in. There are occasionally signs of a brighter, happier personality, but those flashes are rare and tend to only happen when she thinks that no one is around or watching her.
Education: Her school records show that she was a bright student up until just before her admittance to the hospital. After that, she pretty much fell to pieces and will only study alone. Even by her self, left to her own devices, her grades aren’t nearly as good as they once were, remaining mediocre.


Talents: Music
Fears: men
Dislikes: being coddled, treated like a child
Likes/Hobbies: music, composing
Favorite Food: green jell-o and fruit salad
Least Favorite Food: hospital food
Favorite School Subject: music
Least Favorite Subject: cooking
Favorite Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Favorite Color: dark blue, gold, tan, cream
Favorite Mythological Animal: ash-nymph
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite Flower: Petunia - Resentment, Anger, Your Presence Sooths Me
Least Favorite Flower: Lily of the Valley - Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary, Humility, You've made my life complete, Return to happiness
Strengths: the ability to hide in plain sight
Weaknesses: absolute terror of men
Family: She is known to have a father, who died shortly before Ziarre’s admittance to Olympia General. Her mother was killed violently three months before her father died.
History: The official story is that Ziarre’s mother was killed in a foiled burglary attempt and that her father committed suicide three months later. Most people who were around at the time even believe this story. Not Ziarre, as she was there when both events occurred and these events will forever scar her life.
Her father was something of a drunkard and had a habit of yelling at his wife while he was drunk. One night it escalated into a beating. This continued for a few months before he came home drunk off his rocker one night and they fought. She was planning on leaving and taking Ziarre with her. In a blind rage, he grabbed a kitchen knife and slashed her throat in front of young Ziarre. Horrified, she ran upstairs and hid in her bedroom closet, hoping that he forgot she’d been in the kitchen with them. When her father said nothing for a couple weeks, she timidly confronted him with her knowledge. He calmly told her that all things die and if she wasn’t careful, she’d join her mama. All of this stewed inside her for another two and a half months before the terror of her father got to be too much for her. One night while he was drunk, three months to the day of her mother’s death, she took the same knife and went into the living room where her father was sitting in his arm chair. She put the knife in his hands and jammed it into his heart. She explained the blood on her clothes by saying that she was in the room with him when he did it and no one suspected her of anything. She was eight years old and clearly traumatized by the loss of both parents in such rapid succession that she was sent to Olympia General hospital, admitted to the mental ward where she lives to this day.


Senshi Name: Sailorcoelus
Senshi Title:
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Uranus
Aura Color: Deep sky blue
Colors: Deep sky blue, Zydeco, Wheat
Type of Character In Battle: Destructive
Senshi Weakness: she can’t seem to fight anything that looks male and won’t go near any masculine allies
Senshi Strengths: When she does actually fight, she’s quite powerful
Weapons: Chakram
Fuku Design:


Henshin Phrase: Coelus Soul Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: sky, wind
Elemental strengths: air, metal, light
Elemental weaknesses: poison, wood, soul
Name of Power: Razor Wind
Power Type: offensive


Princess Name:
Name Meaning:


Opening Theme: ‘Numb’ – Linkin Park
Image song: ‘Untitled (I must be dreaming) – Evanescence
Dance Club Mix: ‘Stupefy’ – Disturbed
Memory Retrieval Mix: ‘Fields of Innocence’ – Evanescence
Romance Mix: ‘Nothing else matters’ – Metallica
Background Mix :
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix: ‘In the End’ – Linkin Park
Angst Mix: ‘Missing’ – Evanescence
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix:
Closing Theme: ‘Aquarius’ – Within Temptation