Earth Name: Nishikaze Torafuku
Translation:West wind Tiger good fortune
Birthday: January 01
Blood Type: A
Appearance: At first glance, Torafuku appears to be a gaijin, a foreigner, because of her darker skin tone. This isn’t true as she is very definitely Japanese despite her skin tone and height. Tora, as she prefers to be called, is of average height, standing at 5’6’’ with a very thin non-muscular body. She has long, straight, black hair always done up in traditional Miko hairstyle of a long ponytail tied with a white ribbon and dark grey eyes. When her hair is let down, it falls straight to her knees. It’s not very thick or heavy despite its length.
Clothing style: She can typically be seen wearing a yukata or a Miko outfit. Her favorite yukata is light blue with white flowers and grey obi. When not in either of those two types of clothing, she wears leggings with a knee length skirt overtop and high necked, long sleeved shits and it’s usually only for doing work around the temple.

Personality: To put her personality in the simplest of terms, Torafuku is shy. She rarely says much, even to her grandparents. She is very feminine in her likes and hobbies. She appears to be very serene and calm. She has a strong aversion to getting dirty.
Current Home:Torafuku lives at the Sakura Koyama Jinja, a Shinto shrine held by her family for hundreds of years near the center of Kiryuu, Japan.
First Appearance: Act 02


Talents: Playing the shamisen, calligraphy, writing haiku
Likes:Art, calligraphy, dancing, the shamisen
Dislikes: Noise, violence, blood
Hobbies:Calligraphy, writing haiku, playing the shamisen
Favorite Food: turkey, tempura
Least Favorite Food: odango, yakisoba
Favorite Gemstone: opal
Favorite Color: light purple
Favorite Flower: lilac
Least Favorite Flower: poppy
Strengths:Optimistic, calm, keeps secrets well, and well spoken when she does speak at all.
Weakness:People think she has a lower intelligence because she doesn’t say much. She trusts very easily. She tries to rationalize everything, even things that are unimportant like having a slightly larger than usual portion of food at meals. She can’t swim and doesn’t like bodies of water where she can’t see the bottom.
Family: her parents are deceased so she lives with her paternal grandparents
History: Without parents to raise her, she was raised by her father’s parents in a Shinto shrine. The shrine itself dates back to the 1600s and has been renovated many times to include more modern conveniences. It is an Inari shrine, dedicated to the kami of rice, with a pair of fox komainu guiardig the entrance. It’s torii are made of wood and painted orange and black. Her mother died in childbirth along with her only brother and her father vanished mysteriously when she was only four, so she has no memories of either one. Her grandparents are reluctant to tell her much about her parents. She’s not particularly curious about them in either case, preferring to focus on the present. She leaves peacefully with her grandparents, who are strict, but never harsh as she gives them no reason to be.
Senshi origins: No information is available


Senshi Name: Sailorbyakko
Senshi Title: Graceful senshi of the wind
Introduction Speech: Guarded by the fierce white tiger, I am Sailorbyakko, the graceful senshi of the eastern desert.
First Appearance: Act 03
Aura Color: White
Colors: white, blue, light purple
Type of Character In Battle: Supportive
Senshi Strengths: No information is available
Senshi Weaknesses: Doesn’t often use her powers. More prone to duck and cover than attack. Poor stamina.
Weapons:Silver Halisen (metal fan)
Fuku: Her scarf is light blue in color and has a single white stripe on each side. The stripe starts at the inside hem and angels outwards to the outer hem. She has no front bow. Her bodice is white and a little bit low cut in the front. It has no sleeves and is cut wide around the arms. The bottom hem of it is high cut, showing her navel and forms a peak just above her belly button. Two light purple strips attach to the bottom hem of the bodice, joining it to her light blue shorts, forming a v-shape. Her gloves are elbow length and light purple in color. Her thigh high boots are white and have a small heel.
As a note, her hair style also changes with her henshin. It gets pulled up into a ponytail on the top of her head. Part of it is wrapped stiff with a white ribbon.


Henshin Phrase: Byakko Guardian Power, Make Up
Henshin Object:A silver ring with an opal set into it, worn on the ring finger of her right hand.
Henshin Transformation: Raises her right hand above her head, holding her left across her waist, saying ‘Byakko Guardian’. At ‘Power’, she holds both arms crossed in front of her chest, fists clenched. For ‘Make Up’, she shoots both arms out to her sides. A column of wind spirals around her as her bodice, purple strips, and shorts appear. The wind wraps around her, forming her scarf and gloves. She crouches to the ground, running her arms over her legs to make her boots appear. Transformation complete, she poses standing up with her hands on her hips.
Origin of Power/Influence: Wind, metal
Elemental Strengths:Wind and Cold
Elemental Weakness':Acid/Poison and Fire
Power Name: Byakko Desert Wind
Power Level: Basic
Type: Defensive
Description:She holds the halisen above her head and arcs it downwards at an angle to release a gust of wind that stings the eyes of her enemies. It doesn’t do any significant damage. It’s for defensive purposes and largely annoys the enemy.


Past Name: Bai Laohu
Name Meaning: White old tiger
Attire: No information is available
Crystal/Weapon: No information is available
Powers: No information is available
Personality: No information is available
First Appearance: No information is available


Name: Matatabi
Translation: catnip
Gender: M
Age: unknown
Current Home: Kiryuu
Appearance: he’s a small silver tabby (black with silver-grey stripes) in his animal form. In his fairy form, he’s small with transparent black-silver wings, silver-black hair and white eyes. Personality: The most confident of the five guardian spirits, he is the most concerned with their mission.


Opening Theme:
Image song:
Dance Club Mix:
Memory Retrieval Mix: “Aquarius” – Within Temptation
Romance Mix: “Thanatos ~ If I Can’t Be Yours” – Shin Seiki Evangelion
Background Mix:
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix:
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