Name: Nimue Caitir Mochrie
Meaning: Nimue (unknown) Caitir (Pure, unsullied) Mochrie (my beloved)
Pronunciation: Ni-moo-eh Kay-tear Mo-cree
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: November 06
Western Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Moon phase: waxing moon
Celtic Tree Sign: Birch
Blood Type: O
Appearance: She has long blond hair with short bangs that she always wears loose. It comes down to her thighs and is perfectly straight. Her eyes are light green. She has the skin tone of your average Caucasian girl. She likes to wear chunky running shoes, loose t-shirts, and tight fitting green jeans with a skirt over top made of colorfully patterned fabric. On the ring finger of her right hand, she wears a gold ring with an opal in it, a gift from her grandmother when she turned fourteen.
Nimue is of average height, standing at 5’7’’ and weighs about 150 lbs. She’s never seen with make up on. Physically, she’s very fit, but slightly built. In high school, she was on the cheerleading squad so she does a lot of exercise. Her favorite piece of jewelry is a Celtic cross worn on a black cord around her neck.
Even though she’s 17, she looks childlike.
Personality: Nimue is very sweet and outgoing. Some people accuse her of being a flake and a ditz, but she isn’t really. She’s quite intelligent, just overly social. She loves animals, especially cats, and flowers and loves to be out doors. Nimue is a morning person, always up and ready to go. She has this extreme and understandable fear of owls and eagles given her history. She always keeps an open mind to the world, never thinking that something is automatically bad or wrong or right until she gives it some thought first. She loves to look at pretty guys, which doesn’t help her image as a flake and a ditz. She’s no more or less devout than the average person, going to the local shrine once a week.
Education: First year university student

Talents: Designing clothes
Dislikes: Tests, traveling, flying(she gets motion sickness
Likes/Hobbies: She likes to be around people, talking, dreaming up new designs, making friends
Favorite Food: cherry pie
Least Favorite Food: fish
Favorite Gemstone: emerald
Favorite Color: green
Favorite Flower: Lilly of the Valley
Least Favorite Flower: daisies
Strengths: Very open and optimistic, trusting, sees the beauty in all things, and is very open to new ideas.
Weakness: Her optimism blinds her to reality. It’s very easy to fool her. Her eternal optimism and youthful appearance cause people to think that she’s younger than she is and so they don’t take her very seriously. Her vulnerability to motion sickness limits her mobility. She likes to go places, but tend to be limited by where she can go by herself. She doesn’t like cars or trains, so tends to go everywhere by foot or on a bike.
Family: She normally makes her home in Dublin with her parents. She has three older brothers, but they don’t live at home anymore. Her home is a small apartment on the edge of town. Presently, though, she’s attending university in Elysium Valley on a scholarship to get a degree in fashion studies. Presently, she lives in a large dorm building near the edge of campus with several other girls.
History: Her past as Nimue is fairly simple and straight forward with little of interest. She was born and raised in a small town near the coast of Ireland and is part of a family of six with three older brothers who all live elsewhere. The eldest works in a church in central Dublin while the other two are married. Her parents are very strict, but her maternal grandmother is much more open in her ways of thinking and lets her read anything she wants. Her parents prefer that she sticks to her school books and would be horrified to know that she was reading things that are forbidden.
Nimue doesn’t buy the family religion of Catholicism and feels a tug towards other, older ways. The one time she questioned it, she was punished so severely that she’s learned to keep her deep, personal thoughts inside.
At age 14, she went for a walk out in the woods with the family dog on the outskirts of town as was her habit. She found a clearing that she’d never seen before and, her curiosity getting the better of her, went in to have a look. She was confronted with the shadows of three women. They were senshi, wearing fuku that were unique to each individual. One stepped forward and placed a hand on Nimue’s forehead. Tremendous heat spread through her body followed by a sense of unity, of belonging.
“Awake, my self,” the woman said. “You are Sailorblodeuwedd, the Maiden, the White Goddess of Death and Life. You are needed once more.”
Her clothing dissolved and her fuku appeared, her mind rushing with the memories of her past.

Her past as SailorBlodeuwedd is less simple. She is a part of the Triad of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The last time she was woken to her true nature, her nature as the White Goddess was dominant. The Triad was shattered by the fall of one of their own to the darkness. Rather than being killed in the attack, she was transformed into an owl, an animal she fears, and then killed.
She is different in each of the aspects of her senshi self. As the Maiden, she is the pure, innocent one, the continuation of all life, the repeating of endless cycles of birth and rebirth, both of the body and of the spirit. She is the dawn, eternal youth, enchantment and seduction, the waxing moon. As the White Goddess of Death and Life, she is channeling the pure form of Blodeuwedd. Her aspect of the May Queen is really her princess form despite its name. She is at her most powerful with the abilities to heal or destroy.

Senshi Name: Sailorblodeuwedd (pronounced bluh DIE weth)
Senshi title: The Maiden Aspect, the White Goddess of Death and Life, The May Queen
Introduction speech: I am the White Goddess of Death and Life, SailorBlodeuwedd
Aura Color: white
Colors: white, silver, green
Symbol: Three interlocking crescent moons. Two moons are white and one is silver. It is located on her left thigh.
Type of character in battle: Supportive with Offensive abilities
Weapons: Sailorblodeuwedd carries a silver staff that is as tall as she is. At the top is a silver crescent moon around a white sphere. Wrapping around the sphere and moon is a silver ring. The bottom of the staff is capped with three rings: white, silver, and then green with an inverted silver crescent on the very bottom. The staff can be used in physical attacks as well and it tends to get more use that way given the limited use of her current powers.
Fuku design: She wears a sleeveless, seamless white bodice with a ragged edge just beneath her bust line. The ragged edges are tipped with green beads. Her sailor collar is silver. Her green skirt is simple and straight, falling in a curved hem to mid thigh. The skirt’s belt is silver and has two long trailing ribbons behind it. On her thigh is her symbol: the three interlocking crescent moons. Two of the moons are white and one is silver. She wears no gloves, but has a silver band around the upper part of each arm. Her white boots have a heel to them and go up to her knees.
As a senshi, her hair grows to her knees and bleaches out from blond to white. Her eyes stay green.

Henshin Phrase: Blodeuwedd Creation, Make Up!
Henshin Object: A silver celtic twist necklace with a pendant shaped like a waxing crescent moon with three stars dangling from the bottom.
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: death, life, earth, and the waxing Moon
Elemental strengths: Wood/earth, life
Elemental weaknesses: Death, darkness, cold

Name of Power: Beatha Bláth (Life Blossom)
Power Type: Supportive
Description: She raises her staff and points it towards whoever she wants it to affect. That person is surrounded by a swirling of hawthorn petals. She can use this to heal up to a serious injury of one person or minor injuries of three per day.
Affected Area: One person at a time.


Past Name: Bláthaigh
Name Meaning: flower
Realm name:
Palace name: Caer Blodeuwedd
First Appearance:


Opening Theme:
Image song:
Dance Club Mix:
Memory Retrieval Mix:
Romance Mix:
Background Mix:
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
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