Name: Aloysia Chaitra
Meaning: famous in war, born under Aries
Gender: female
Age: assumed to be 21, looks in her mid teens
Birthday: said to be March 21st, as that was the day she was found
Blood Type: AB (proud, diplomatic, discriminating)
Appearance: Dusky brown skin under pale what blond hair and bronze eyes, Aloysia always has a very odd expression on her face, like she’s ready to pummel you at a moment’s notice. She’s quite muscular for a woman with a narrow face. She also has a fairly large bust size and wider hips.
Personality: Not the nicest person. She tends to pick fights with people just for the sake of fighting and she often tries to push it past the boundaries of the verbal and into the physical. She trusts no one because right off the bat, no one really trusted her. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She really doesn’t like her name, so she has a tendency to go by either Alo or Aries, the zodiac constellation present in the sky when she was found.
Education: she studied by herself at the hospital until she obtained her high school diploma and refuses to have anything further to do with education.

Talents: fighting
Fears: disease
Dislikes: weakness, romance
Likes/Hobbies: action movies, horror, gore, weapons
Favorite Food: steak (cooked rare because she prefers the taste)
Least Favorite Food: fish
Favorite School Subject: gym
Least Favorite Subject: everything else
Favorite Gemstone: blood stone
Favorite Color: orange and black
Favorite Mythological Animal: the gold-bridled fire-breathing immortal stallions, the offspring of Apollo’s/Helios' horses that drew the sun across the sky
Favorite Animal: Vulture, dogs, barn owls, woodpeckers
Favorite Flower: Sakura (represents a fallen warrior’s soul)
Least Favorite Flower: roses (she hates the smell and what they represent)
Strengths: angst, anger, fighting, causing strife
Weaknesses: happy things, joy, love/romance
Guardian: Kydoimos, a male black Labrador
Family: To her knowledge, none
History: It was a dark moonless night when a couple going home after a night out on the town together found her wandering by herself on the side of the road. It wasn’t what could have been called a nice night by any stretch of the imagination. There was snow on the ground and the roads were a little icy, yet here was this girl dressed in little more than a t-shirt and Capri pants, dragging a beat up teddy bear behind her and being followed by a blank Labrador puppy that couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old. The girl, assumed to have been about six, was immediately brought to the Olympia general hospital. The doctors looked her over. There were no signs that she was sick or injured, but they kept her over night to be sure while they contacted the police to see if she showed up in the missing person’s reports. Weeks passed and no one claimed her. They sent her to a near by orphanage, but she was sent back a couple days later after breaking a boy’s nose and nearly killing another girl. They put her in the mental ward where she’s lived ever since. She’s been under several different therapies to control her immense anger, but nothing worked. The only one who can get near her when she’s angry is her dog.

Senshi Name: Sailorares
Senshi Title:
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Mars
Aura Color: California
Colors: California, black, dark red
Type of Character In Battle:
Senshi Weakness: she fights without giving consideration to what her so-called allies are doing or what they’re planning
Senshi Strengths: she fights with everything she’s got
Weapons: Spear
Fuku Design:

Henshin Phase: Ares Soul Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: battle, fear, terror
Elemental strengths: poison, death, blood
Elemental weaknesses: love, light, purity
Name of Power: Deimos Fear Blast
Power Type: defensive
Description: Hits her opponent with a blast of uncontrollable, paralyzing fear

Name of Power: Phobos Terror Storm
Power Type: offensive
Description: Her opponents have to confront their worst nightmares as they become tangible

Name of Power: Ares Blood Spear
Power Type: offensive


Princess Name:
Name Meaning:


Opening Theme: ‘One winged Angel’ – Final Fantasy VII
Image song: ‘Me against the world’ – Simple Plan
Dance Club Mix: ‘Sleepless Beauty’ – Nittle Grasper
Memory Retrieval Mix: ‘Fragments of Memories’ – Final Fantasy VIII
Romance Mix:
Background Mix: ‘Vultures’ – The Offsrping
Henshin Mix: ‘Salva Nos’ – Noir (Kaida Yuriko)
Fight Mix: ‘X’ – X-Japan
Angst Mix: ‘In the End’ – Linkin Park
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix: ‘Midnight Blue’ – Aikawa Nanase
Sorrow Mix: ‘Lonely Day’ – System of a down
Closing Theme: ‘Lies’ - Evanescence