Earth Name: Ten’un Hou
Translation: Will of heaven fire bird
Gender: M
Age: 23
Birthday: May 12
Blood Type: B
Appearance: He has the typical black hair, brown eyes, and Asian skin tone of the Japanese people. He tends to die the tips of his hair different colors. His favorite is deep scarlet red. He’s 6’0’’ and weighs 170 lbs. He looks fairly well muscled. Mostly, he dresses in black, deep red, and other dark colors because they look good on him.
Personality:Hou is a very passionate person and his emotions tend to run away with him. He loves birds and keeps one as a pet. He is limited to one because of the size of his apartment.
Current Home: Shinjuku
First Appearance: Act 01


Talents: he can read a wide variety of languages including French, English, and Chinese.
Fears: embarrassment
Likes: Birds
Hobbies: No information is available
Job: Works at a used book store
Favorite Food: poppy seed muffins
Least Favorite Food: bread
Favorite Season: Summer
Least Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Gemstone: bloodstone
Favorite Color: garnet, ruby
Favorite Mythological Animal: Phoenix
Favorite Animal: birds, especially falcons
Favorite Flower: Poppy
Least Favorite Flower: dandelion
Strengths: No information is available
Weaknesses: No information is available
Family: No information is available
History: No information is available


Senshi Name: KnightSuzaku
Senshi Title: Senshi of the resurrecting fire
Introduction Speech: I am KnightSuzaku, Guardian of the Southern flames.
First Appearance:
Aura Color: orange
Colors: blood red, orange, black
Type of Character In Battle: Aggressive
Senshi Weakness: No information is available
Senshi Strengths: No information is available
Weapon: none
Fuku Design: He wears a ground length red coat over a mock turtle neck long sleeved orange shirt. Over the orange shirt is a lower cut, square neck lined black one with short sleeves. His pants are orange slacks and he has black boots on his feet. The knee high tops of the boots are hidden beneath the pant legs. At the cuff of his jacket is a black stripe. His hair as a senshi is terra cotta red and his eyes are golden.


Henshin Phrase: Suzaku Guardian Power, Make Up!
Henshin Object: none
Henshin Transformation: He becomes enveloped in fire that singes his clothes away. As his clothes are burned off they’re replaced by his fuku.
Origin of Power/Influence: fire with powers coming from purity
Elemental strengths: heat, light, healing
Elemental weaknesses: water, ice, darkness
Name of Power: Southern Phoenix Eruption
Power Type: Offensive
Power Level: Basic
Description: No information is available

Name of Power: Phoenix Resurrection
Power Type: Destructive
Power Level: Super
Description: A firebird streaks down from the sky and hits the target. When it hits, both explode upwards into a large pillar of flame that lasts for a few seconds.


Past Name: Tong Huang
Name Meaning: red phoenix
Attire: No information is available
Crystal/Weapon: No information is available
Powers: No information is available
Personality: No information is available
First Appearance: No information is available


Name: Hinotori
Translation: fire bird
Gender: F
Age: unknown
Current Home: Shinjuku
Appearance: She’s a small red bird in her animal form. In her fairy form, she’s small with transparent red-gold wings, red-orange hair and golden eyes. She wears a high collared black dress that isn’t quite knee length. It’s slit up to her waist on the left side. Her feet are bare.
Personality: Hinotori is the voice of reason, keeping Hou on his path


Opening Theme:
Image song:
Cell phone ring tone: June Afternoon - Roxette
Dance Club Mix:
Memory Retrieval Mix:
Romance Mix:
Background Mix:
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix:
Closing Theme: