Name: Hogosha Garyuu
Translation: Guardian Dragon fang
Gender: M
Age: 23
Birthday: July 03
Blood Type: O
Appearance: The first thing people notice about Garyuu is his deathly white skin, his knee length white-blond hair with itís long bangs, and the impenetrable black sunglasses hiding his eyes from sight. Dressed head to toe in black, his appearance tends to scare people. Heís 5í11íí and well built with red eyes that are almost always hidden behind a pair of deep black shades, even at night. These shades keep people on the outside from seeing his eyes, but you also canít see through them from the inside. This doesnít bother him at all, because even without the shades, his pupil less red eyes canít see.
Heís always dressed in black pants, black turtleneck shirts, a long black leather trench coat, and steel toed black boots. Ever present is his white collapsible cane that he uses to help him get around. Sometimes he wears a pair of thin black gloves, but when heís not wearing them, their in his coat pockets. He has no Seeing Eye dog because heís allergic.

Personality: has a tendency to forget that heís a blind man in the world of the sighted. He was born with good eyes, but his sight started to fade into his fourth month of life. Despite that, he has a form of sight, a kind of astral projection in which he detaches himself from his body to guide himself around. This is exhausting, so he doesnít rely on it. Heís very calm and serene, feeling that anger is a waste of time. He spends a lot of time in meditation.
He has a lot of trouble sleeping between the perpetual darkness he lives in and the dream-visions that haunt him at night. He has a dependence on powerful medications to put himself to sleep.
Because of his blindness, his other senses are enhanced. Also, despite the blindness, heís unfailingly chivalrous. He also has a very teasing and flirty sense of humor.
Current Home: Kurohone
First Appearance: Act 01


Talents: analyzing peopleís feelings, reading brail
Fears: falling into a large hole and killing himself
Likes: Dragons
Dislikes: Birds, dogs, people who think heís inferior just because he doesnít see the way they do, anger, zealots
Hobbies: Listening to people, listening to music, rain
Favorite Food: fruit juice and cheese
Least Favorite Food: carrots, hamburg steak
Favorite School Subject: none
Least Favorite Subject: art
Favorite Gemstone: none
Favorite Color: none
Favorite Mythological Animal: dragons
Favorite Animal: none
Favorite Flower: vanilla (he likes the smell)
Least Favorite Flower: lavender (the smell bothers him)
Strengths: He can hear better than average. He has a fine appreciation for subtle flavoring in food. He can identify people by scent and sound. By touching a person, he can learn things about them. Running his hands over a face, his mind can fill in the details of their appearance and can accurately tell the color of hair from its texture.
Weaknesses: Heís very allergic to dogs. Even with his astral projection, heís still perpetually stubbing his toes when heís in an area that isnít completely familiar to him. He has a tendency to over analyze nuances in peopleís voices. He canít eat anything with strong flavors, like spicy food. Heís a perpetual insomniac with a dependency on medication to put himself to sleep. Itís only with the help of this medication that he can put himself into a deep enough sleep state to avoid the dream-visions.
Family: No information is available
History: No information is available
Senshi origins: No information is available


Senshi Name: KnightKouryuu
Senshi Title: The Celestial Dragon
Introduction Speech: I am KnightKouryuu, Guardian of the Center. Tremble before the celestial dragon for you are crunchy and taste good dipped in chocolate.
First Appearance: Act 01
Aura Color: gold
Colors: gold, dark blue, sky blue
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive
Senshi Strengths: Heís always calm. He keeps his head well in a fight. He can sense the presence of his enemies. Once he has a target, he wonít let go. Heís very good with his weapon.
Senshi Weaknesses: When people are moving quickly around him, he gets confused. He doesnít dodge well and has poor reflexes. His hearing is very sensitive, so a blast of noise will overwhelm him. Heís strong, but he is easily over powered in physical combat if he has to take on more than one opponent at a time.
Weapon: His cane becomes a long, curved golden sword with a golden cross piece and hilt.
Fuku Design: He wears a long dark blue coat with no sleeves. The coat is slit up to his hips on both sides, front, and back. Itís edged in gold. He wears light blue gloves on his hands with a wide light blue cuff. His pants are also light blue. His jacket has a folded collar with a gold stripe on it. Beneath the collar is a light blue silk scarf. His boots are gold and go up a short ways past his knees.


Henshin Phrase: Kouryuu Guardian Power, Make Up!
Henshin Object: His cane
Henshin Transformation: He holds his cane in front of him with both hands. Golden light washes backwards from it, removing his black clothing, shrinking his hair to a length just below the shoulder blades. The light wraps around him, forming the entirety of his fuku. The light then enters his cane, turning it into his sword.
A note on his henshin. While heís in contact with his sword, he can see, but if contact is broken between him and the weapon, heís completely blind again. With the weapon, his sight is only good in one eye, but he can make out shapes. The more he transforms, the better his sight will be as a senshi, but as a civilian, he will always be completely blind.

Origin of Power/Influence: Earth, Seasons & Metamorphosis
Elemental Strengths:earth, wind
Elemental Weaknesses:water, fire
Power Name: Celestial Dragon Claws
Power Level: basic
Type: Offensive
Description: He rakes the air with his nails in the direction of his target

Power Name: Shattered Earth Metamorphosis
Type: Offensive
Power Level: super
Description: He jumps up into the air, spinning around. As he lands back on the ground, he plunges his sword into the ground, causing it to erupt in a circle from him. Clumps of dirt, rock, or whatever the ground was made of go flying around, hitting targets indiscriminately. The area is also darkened my dust clouds. How dark depends on what the ground is made of.


Past Name: Long Huangjin
Name Meaning: Dragon gold
Attire: No information is available
Crystal/Weapon: No information is available
Powers: No information is available
Personality: No information is available
First Appearance: No information is available


Name: Qing
Translation: dragonfly
Gender: M
Age: unknown
Current Home: Kurohone

Appearance: Heís a small golden-brown lizard in his animal form. In fairy form, heís small with transparent gold-blue wings, blond-white hair and golden eyes.
Personality: Qing is always chipper and ready to go, much to the annoyance of his partner.


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