Name: Starbuck Osiris August Birchwood
Meaning: nothing out of the ordinary
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: August 31
Blood Type: O
Physical Appearance: He’s of average height at 5’8’’. He has very wild orange hair, but it pales by comparison to the interest his eyes get. His right eye is green and his left is blue. Generally, he looks very relaxed and happy.
Clothing Style: He’s always found wearing loose jeans and baggy shirts, generally in greens, whites, and earth tones. He prefers to be barefoot and as a result the soles of his feet are leathery and tough.
Personality: His relaxed and happy look isn’t just a part of his appearance; it’s how he really is. He refuses to worry about much in life as he was brought up by parents who taught him that it’s better to do things than to sit around and worry. He really doesn’t like being indoors and spends most of his time in the small grove of trees behind his house in the Spring Glades housing district. Unlike most hippies, he’s not really into the whole illegal narcotics thing, preferring to light scented candles and meditate on his own without their help. He’s also very much a vegetarian, refusing to eat any meat. It’s hard to get him to eat eggs, even, unless he knows for sure that they weren’t fertilized. For him, he doesn’t follow the common line of thought that animals exist for man to use for food. He has no problem with wool, but furs and leathers upset him greatly. He believes that animals, all of them, are our brothers and sisters even if they have a lower intelligence. After all, don’t people generally claim that their siblings are lacking in that department?
He attends Khun-Lun high school even though he was offered a scholarship to Elysium Valley. He has the grades to get in but he’s strongly against wearing uniforms.

Grade level: 12

Talents: sewing
Fears: fire and snow
Dislikes: meat of any kind, arguments, drugs
Likes/Hobbies: sewing, candles, making hemp jewelry, meditation
Favorite Food: fried tofu, vanilla pudding with strawberries
Least Favorite Food: any meat
Favorite School Subject:
Least Favorite Subject:
Favorite Gemstone: jade
Favorite Color: green, chocolate brown
Favorite Mythological Animal:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Flower: poppies
Least Favorite Flower: daisies
Strengths: Very open and optimistic, sees the beauty in all things, very intelligent
Weakness: He won’t hurt animals, not good with girls, doesn’t like being confined
History: His family consists of three people. Himself, his mother (River Astrid McMann), and his father (Phoenix Dylan Birchwood). His parents own a joint flower shop and bicycle messenger service, having moved to Elysium Valley not long after the city was completed and opened for people to move in. He attends Khun-Lun high school even though he was offered a scholarship to Elysium Valley. His parents don’t believe in school uniforms and other similarly conformist things.
Generally, he’s led a very quiet life. He’s an only child. His parents insist that he calls them by their given names and they all behave more like good friends than like two parents and their offspring. He has absolutely no idea that he’s a senshi.

Senshi Name: KnightGeb
Symbol: A circle containing a cross with an egg shape beneath it.
Aura Color: brown
Colors: brown, chocolate, and green
Type of Character In Battle: Supportive
Senshi Strengths: He can take a lot of physical punishment before he goes down,
Senshi Weakness: claustrophobic, hates fire, almost never fights, preferring to try and talk his way out of things, slippery surfaces as his feet have no traction
Weapons: none
Fuku Design: His tunic is green with a brown collar and brown cap sleeves. The tunic goes past his hips. Trailing from the bottom of it are two green garter-like clips with brown snaps that hold up his baggy grey ankle length pants. The pants don’t come all the way up his legs, so he wears a pair of chocolate brown Capri pants beneath them. He has a pair of chocolate brown cloth sleeves going from his elbows to the second knuckle of his middle finger. He wears no shoes as the bottoms of his feet become very, very tough as a senshi.

Henshin Phrase: Brother Earth, protect me!
Henshin Item: none
Henshin Sequence: The ground beneath his feet surges up and solidifies around him, making him look like a statue. The shell cracks and he appears fully transformed.
Origin of Power/Influence: Earth wtih powers coming from
Elemental strengths: Wood, metal, light
Elemental weaknesses: fire, ice, darkness, death

Name of Power: Fractured Earth
Power Type: Defensive
Description: He points at where he wants the explosion to happen and the ground erupts, sending sand and dirt everywhere. He uses the attack to slow enemies down and impair their vision, but who’s he to complain of it hurts them a little? The affected area is within 10 feet of where he’s standing. The area that explodes isn't larger than 2 feet in diameter.

Name of Power: Earth's Embrace
Power Type: Defensive/offensive
Description: The earth just behind the feet of his target rises up, forming a hand. The hand grabs the target and holds them. It can cause some slight injuries if it squeezes harder than the target can tolerate.



















Player name: Purenighshade
Yahoo: THTC_no_Miko
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