Entity’s name: Huanglong
Guardian beast: Golden dragon
Symbol: Huanglong deity symbol
Element: Earth
Gender: male
Age: 2000, give or take a century
Personality: The eldest and most experienced of the Entities, Huanglong is the intellectual of the group. While his goals are the same as his companions, he has his own methods of doing things and often goes away from the others for extended periods of time. His experiments are something of a running joke with the others, but the ones that do turn out as he plans are no laughing matter, at least not for anyone allied with him.
Type of character in battle: Destructive
Weapons: a gothic-looking cross with a long, extended bottom
History: When the seal around their prison was broken, Huanglong was the last to leave. He’d been around the longest and had learned to be cautious. When it seemed that this was no trick he, too, left to take a host. While externally, Baihu seems to be in charge, his word carries weight with his other entities. His massive amount of experience has allowed them to formulate their plans. When he arrived on Earth and it came time to choose his host, he chose one that the others wouldn’t have considered either for themselves or imagining as a host for him: a young girl with an unusual power.

Name: Achlys Corby
Meaning: Mist, darkness; dark as a raven
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: March 11
Blood Type: AB
Physical Appearance: With her bright red hair, blue eyes, and curls, she does tend to stand out in a crowd, but not overly so. It’s more her tendency to dress all in black tones that gets the attention. Beyond that, she seems average and unimportant.
Clothing Style: As far as colors go, she wears black , Occasionally, she'll wear white and shades of grey, but she prefers not to as she's not always sure that she's getting grey and not a color.
Personality: Average isn’t the word here. She’s quite intelligent, but chooses not to show it, deliberately scoring lower than she’s capable of on tests. She prefers to hide her true nature from the world, taking on the pen name Munin Forbes whenever she wants to express herself. She’s not a Goth, despite appearances to the contrary.
Grade level:
Talents: writing
Fears: Fire
Dislikes: being called a Goth
Likes/Hobbies: writing, poetry, vampires, symbology and superstitions
Favorite Food: red peppers
Least Favorite Food: shoyu (soy sauce), breaded and battered foods
Favorite School Subject:
Least Favorite Subject:
Favorite Gemstone: Bloodstone
Favorite Color: black
Favorite Mythological Animal: dragons
Favorite Animal: none
Favorite Flower: Clover
Least Favorite Flower: Jonquil (daffodil)
Strengths: expressing herself through writting
Weakness: identifying colors, expressing herself person to person
History: Who knows? Things might have turned out differently if she’d had parents to help her along the way, but that’s neither here nor there. Suffice it to say that she was put up for adoption almost immediately after she was born. At age 10, the orphanage she’d been living in burned to the ground. The survivors were sent to an orphanage in Elysium Valley’s downtown core. The experience left Achlys with a permanent fear of fire and did something to her psyche that went undetected by the doctors and psychiatrists that examined the orphans after the accident. The cause of the fire was undetermined, but explained to the media as having been caused by faulty electrics in the building.
The most important thing in her life happened not long after her arrival in the Valley, when a doctor who’d been examining her asked if she’d be willing to submit to an experiment. She didn’t see any reason not to, especially since the doctor assured her that he’d already spoken to those in charge at the orphanage and that it was ok with them. Being ten, she had no idea that he was lying to her. He ran her through some x-rays and a series of blood tests to determine her fitness and health. When that was done with, he put her in a trance and pulled out a shinning diamond shaped crystal that seemed to glow at the center. Using Galaxia’s trick, he removed her starseed and implanted her with this new one. The doctor, you see, had been possessed by Huanglong for this purpose and the starseed in question had come from the host he’d wanted to take, but he was badly crippled in an accident just before he could take the body. He doubted this would work, but it was worth a try. After all, weren’t starseeds always reborn into new bodies? As luck would have it, the transfer was successful. Achlys was very ill for a month afterwards, but after that she seemed back to normal. It was then that Huanglong took her body as his home.
She was through West Side Elementary, then to Tir na Nog junior high, and then to Khun-Lun high school where she is at present. Unlike many of her peers, she has no envy of the students at Elysium Valley High, seeing them as being on pretty much even footing with her but with uniforms. The Chin Tu students are another matter entirely. She envies not only their school, but their secure social positions and family wealth.
She wears black all the time because she’s color blind.

Senshi Name: KnightPhobos
Symbol: Symbol
Aura Color: dark blue
Colors: dark blue, blood red, black
Type of Character In Battle:
Senshi weakness: When he sees blood, he tends to want to drink it.
Senshi Strengths: causing panic and chaos
Weapons: Cross
Fuku design: The first change is that she becomes a he. His red hair becomes a darker gold with two long braids in front of his ears with the rest pulled up into a tail on the side of his head. His eyes become red. His transparent black shirt only has one wide shoulder strap over his right shoulder. His lower abdomen is bare. From his left shoulder hangs a dark blue sash that wraps around his whole body. He also wears hip hugger red leather pants and black heeled boots. On his forehead is a single red dot.
As Phobos, he returns to the form and status he had before his original body had been injured. He regains the ability to see colors, but his original body suffered from acute intermittent porphyria.

Henshin Phrase: Phobos Lunar Power, Make Up!
Henshin Item: none
Henshin Sequence: He blinks out of sight for a moment. In the dark, he’s surrounded by wraith-like silhouettes and blood. When he reappears, she becomes a he, KnightPhobos.
Origin of Power/Influence: Fear wtih powers coming from blood
Elemental strengths: pain, fear, illusions
Elemental weaknesses: fire, light, love, beauty
Name of Power: Fear’s Illusion
Power type: Depends on the mind of the affected individual
Description: He says the words in a cold voice and the targeted person is attacked by the thing that he or she fears most. If the fear is an animal, then that animal attacks him or her. If it’s an element, then he or she has to deal with that element in the manner that it terrifies them the most. Etc, etc, etc. It only affects one person at a time.

Name of Power: Blood Drain
Power Type: Supportive/Offensive
Description: A beam of dark blue energy spirals towards his intended target, makes a cut on their skin and then latches on for 10 seconds, drawing their blood out. It transmits it to Phobos, who gets stronger.

Name of Power: Phobos Terror Wave
Power Type: Defensive
Description: He holds on hand out in front of him with his index and middle fingers upright, the others folded. He says the words and then spreads the two fingers. He radiates a wave of terror that sends opponents running or cowering, depending on their resistance.



















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