Human Form

Name: Ilana Jael
Pronunciation: ee-lah-nah Jail
Meaning: Sunshine, to ascend
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthday: September 11
Blood Type: A+
Appearance: Ilana is of average height, 5’6’’, with healthy looking skin and clear sky blue eyes. Her hair has a coppery color to it. Her bangs are short and the rest is usually pulled back into a braid or ponytail. She hates wearing it loose. She wears clothes with cheerful colors in them, but the styles aren’t very bold. Strangely, she doesn’t wear a lot of skirts or dresses, as she thinks she looks bad in them.
Personality: She’s very shy. Rarely makes eye contact with people. She would rather spend time alone with her music or go swimming alone than be with people. Ilana is fine with children, though. Once she warms up to you, she’s really quite nice. She prefers to be ignored, though and doesn’t like to do a lot of moving because of her unfortunate clumsiness. She can’t dance. She’s slow to wake up in the mornings. The only place where she isn’t all that clumsy is when she’s swimming.
Talents: swimming, music (piano)
Fears darkness, large groups of people
Dislikes dark colors, being the center of attention, parties
Likes/Hobbies vibrant colors, sunbathing, swimming, reading, music
Favorite Food: strawberry cheesecake
Least Favorite Food: stew
Favorite Gemstone: sunstone
Favorite Color: yellow
Favorite Flower: sunflower
Least Favorite Flower rose
Strengths: Because she’s a wallflower, she tends to observe things that others wouldn’t. She’s highly musical, which gives her something to do while sitting still.
Weakness: she’s very clumsy, shy, and doesn’t interact well with people, preferring to keep to herself.
Family: two parents, three older brothers, one older sister
History: Ilana is from the country of Kelowna on Langarra. She has three older brothers and one older sister, the twin of the middle boy. She’s very different from the rest of her loud and outgoing family. They tend to forget that she’s around because she’s so quiet, which frankly suits her just fine. Her life would be considered extremely boring. When word reached Langarra that senshi were being hunted by the Goa’uld, she went into hiding. She packed up her things and moved to a different city without telling anyone. No one knows she’s a senshi and she’s not inclined to tell them just in case. Currently, she lives by herself in a small apartment in the core of the capital city of Kelowna.

Senshi Form

Senshi Name: Sailorlangarra
Senshi Title: Senshi of the Burning Sun
Influence: Sun, heat
Introduction Speech: My guardian deity is a planet basking in the heat of the sun. I am Sailorlangarra, soldier of the burning sun
Aura Color: gold
Colors: gold, dark blue, orange
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive
Symbol: a many rayed sun
Henshin Object: bracelet
Henshin Phase:
Henshin Transformation: Langarra Star Power, Make Up!
Fuku Design: Her sailor collar is of the traditional style and is dark blue with not stripes. Her bodice is gold with a visible seam down the center of the front. Part of the bodice shows between the lower peaks of her scarf. It has very short sleeves that just cap her shoulders. Her skirt is made of two layers: the lighter top layer is orange while the heavier, slightly longer bottom layer is dark blue. The skirt has no pleats and the bottom layer falls to not quite halfway down her thigh. She wears a gold ribbon around her throat. It’s tied in a bow in the back and the longer ends trail down past her knees. In the front of the ribbon is a rounded diamond shaped broach. Her gloves aren’t really gloves. They’re made of a solid piece of dark blue fabric that goes between the knuckles on her hands and half way up her forearm. They’re pinched at the wrist with a gold band. She wears a pair of gold slippers on her feet, but you can’t really see them as her lower legs are covered in a flared pieces of orange material pinched below her knees with dark blue bands. The bottom part of the flare falls to the ground, completely hiding the slippers from view when she’s standing.

Senshi Weakness: High tolerance for heat, good power control, high stamina
Senshi Strengths: Low tolerance for cold, hangs back in a fight, slow to attack
Weapons: Golden Chakram

Name of Power: Solar Flare
Power Type: Offensive
Description: She holds the chakram up to her lips. It glows and then she throws it towards the target. When it hits, the target is hit with a wave of intolerable heat and light to the point of inflicting first degree burns.
Affected Area: Whatever the chakram hits.