Name: Lainelahel
Pronunciation: Lay-nelah-hell
Nickname: Laine (lain)
Gender: Female
Species: Ryuutenshi
Age: 18
Birthday: LeafFall 31
Birthsign: Li’xai’ko
Birthplace: Throne City
Current residence: Vileshte Island
Group affiliation: Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery, Sailor senshi
Appearance: She's 6' tall with waist length red-gold hair that is always worn loose in the style of unmarried Ryuutenshi women. Her eyes are dark blue and she has light colored skin. Like all Ryuutenshi, she has a very slender build. Her wings are a light sky blue.
Clothing style: Laine usually wears the Sisterhood's uniform, but when she's not, she wears black pants that lace up on the sides from the knee down, dark brown knee high boots with the tops hidden under the pant legs, and a light purple backless shirt with elbow length sleeves. She wears very little in the way of jewelry. The only piece she consistently wears is a cuff style silver bracelet on her left wrist set with a chunk of sapphire.
Personality: Laine is neither outgoing nor is she introverted. Rather, she's somewhere in the middle. She prefers to deal wtih large groups of people rather than smaller ones as those ones tend to be more personal. She especially has a hard time with one-on-one interactions. Things come out in those situations that she'd prefer to keep to herself. There's a lesser chance of that happening in larger groups, so she naturally prefers them. She's friendly, but there are few people that she'd call a close friend. She's often unsure of how to act around those of other species as she was born and raised in the Ryuutenshi Valley.

Fears: drowning
Dislikes: swimming (because she can't), small spaces, horses, sewing
Likes/Hobbies: rain, scented candles, and music
Favorite Food: Cacha
Least Favorite Food: fish
Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire
Favorite Color: light blue, purple, cream, black
Favorite Animal: Auranian Fox
Favorite Flower: Tulip
Family: Mother (Dailinaia), Father (Cernailenor), Palodame (sister, six years older), Zanakenath (brother, four years younger)
History: Laine was born in Throne City to a woman named Dailinaia and her husband Cernailenor. At the time, the couple had one other daughter, a six year old named Palodame. When she was six months of age, the family moved to the Moonstone Tower region to live in a small village called Emaisell. Her mother worked as a seamstress and her father worked as the personal guard of the village mayor. Four years later, her brother Zanakenth was born.
Like all Ryuuteshi children, her schooling began in her fifth year of life. She fared well in classes, yet felt constantly out of place. Being closer to her father than her mother, she leaned more towards the art of the sword rather than that of the needle. she learned to sew at her mother's insistence, but she found no joy in it.
During her nineth year, a woman came to Emaisell to visit her family. This woman, Felanduri, noticed Lain as she was taking sword lessons from her father. She tested Laine for magic. Finding it in abundance, Felanduri informed Laine's parents of her enourmous potential and convinced them to allow Laine to go to Vileshte and be trained.
At present, Laine is a full member of the Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery as a Forestmaster on the Master Path.

Name: Aljaleer
Pronunciation: aljahLEER
Species: Auranian Fox
Gender: F
Age: indeterminate
Appearance: Like all Auranian Foxes, she is a golden brown color and has two tails. Unlike the others, her front and back paws are black to the knee and the tips of her tail are black rather than white. Her eyes are an abnormal red color.
Personality: Bolder than is average for her species, she is quite nosy. She is adventurous, but that's more by necessity than nature. She'd prefer to stay in one place but she has a mission to complete. She's sarcastic and loves a good joke
Likes: meat, running, fresh bread, dark places
Dislikes: bears, flying

Senshi Name: Sailorkeverynn
Senshi Type: planet
Starseed shape: oval
Aura Color: sapphire blue
Colors: sapphire blue, emerald green, silver
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive
Fuku Design:

Henshin Phrase: Keverynn Celestial Power, Make Up!
Henshin Item: silver wrist cuff set with a sapphire
Origin of Power/Influence: Magic

Name of Power: Celestial Paen
Power Type: Offensive
Description: causes some minor damage to up to three targets in a 10 foot radius, but it's minor damage. It's major effect is to cause confusion that lasts for a few minutes.

Name of Power: Keverynn Mystical Wind
Power Type: Healing
Description: It restores the mind of one attacked by an enemy.

Name of Power: Silent Space Envelop
Power Type: Offensive
Description: This neutralizes the magic around one target to various effect. This can be a very dangerous ability to use as many races on Keverynn rely on magic to function.