Human Form

Name: Finola
Pronunciation: Fih-now-lah
Meaning: white haired
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: December 18
Blood Type: B
Appearance: Finola has black hair that falls in curls to just past her shoulders. If it were straightened out, it would be considerably longer as her curls are very tight. Her eyes have very thick lashes and are purple in color. Typically, she wears knee length skirts and sleeveless tops or leather leggings and thigh length tunics. She prefers to go barefoot and wears a thin sandal when she absolutely has to wear something on her feet. Her skin tone is fairly dark, but it’s unclear whether that’s her normal skin tone or if it’s just stained from the mud.
Personality: Finola is very serious and appears to have no sense of humor. She’s extremely straight laced. She’s all business and no play. She does like to do things other than work, though. For instance, she enjoys taking long walks in the woods.
Talents: getting the job done (whatever that may be), organization
Fears chaos, loosing something
Dislikes shoes, footwear of any kind, long skirts, disorganized people, pink
Likes/Hobbies organization, walking in the woods, hot baths
Favorite Food: sausages, pastry, biscuits
Least Favorite Food: nuts of any kind, peanut butter, sour citrus fruit
Favorite Gemstone: amethyst
Favorite Color: dark purple
Favorite Flower: violets
Least Favorite Flower anything pink
Strengths: Organizational skills, ability to remain calm under any pressure, knowing when to stop doing something, hiding.
Weakness: She’s highly obsessive compulsive about things, being overly critical of others, she’ll do just about anything for a good pastry.
Family: no living relatives
History: Her mother died in childbirth and her father was killed in a work accident when she was ten. Until she reached her majority at sixteen, she lived with her uncle. She’s highly educated. Presently, she lives alone in a small cabin away from the rest of the population within sight of the Stargate. She, like the rest of the population, once worshipped Heru’ur and then Cronus. Her uncle rebelled against Cronus and was killed. She’s very good at hiding, following her people’s practice at smearing herself in mud to hide.

Senshi Form

Senshi Name: Sailorjuna
Senshi Title: Senshi of the
Influence: Gravity
Introduction Speech:
Aura Color: dusk purple
Colors: dusk purple, silver, dark green
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive
Symbol: Lotus flower
Henshin Object: bracelet
Henshin Phase: Juna Star Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation: Her bracelet emits a purple light and lifts her up in a column of light. Her clothing melts away and is replaced by her fuku. She is spun around once and lands in a crouched position, holding her sword behind her, fully transformed.
Fuku Design: As a senshi, her hair turns white, but stays in the same length and style as her civilian form. Her sailor collar is pretty normal looking and is dark green in color with a silver border to it. Her bodice is sleeveless, backless, and dusk purple. It’s open on the sides as well, coming to an inverse v-point in the front. The back has one large strap of fabric connecting the two sides just beneath her shoulder blades. Her dark green skirt is not quite knee and is slashed up to her hip, dividing it into four sections: front, sides, and back. Each section has a kind of fish tail-like cut to the hem. The front and back sections are the longest parts. Beneath the skirt is a pair of silver leggings. Her boots appear to be wrapped around her legs and are a blend of silver and dusk purple. Each boot has a large dark green buckle at the ankle and another one just above the toes. She has no gloves, chocker, or tiara.
Senshi Weakness: Low tolerance for poison and electric shock, spends more time analyzing the situation than fighting, and has a tendency to hit allies as well as enemies
Senshi Strengths: Is able to find weaknesses in an enemy without resorting to hitting it first, can move through a lot of pressure (wind, water, gravity, etc), and is very good with her sword
Weapons: carries a sword: silver handle with a dusk purple blade

Name of Power: Gravity bending
Power Type: Offensive
Description: All she does is stretch out her hand towards her intended target and speak the words.
Affected Area: The attack hits ten feet away from her and will affect anything standing within a five foot radius around that point. It causes whatever gets caught in the attack to cease to be able to move well for a time.