Character Info

Name: Lelahel d'Inana
Senshi Name: Sailorinana
Element: Soldier of love
Age: 18
Birthday: Astaryn 30
Zodiac Sign: Seleni
Appearance: Inana is a little on the short side, standing at 5’6’’ and weighing a meager 128 lbs. She has long, straight blond hair that falls a little past her hips with no bangs. It’s cut straight across the bottom. Her eyes are light blue, an uncommon coloring on her home moon. Her skin is slightly tanned from having lived on a farm for most of her early life. It had been darker before she left home to attend school. Once away from the farm and once she was spending more time in doors, her skin tone lightened considerably. She has full lips and a well-muscled, curvaceous figure. Her hands still have calluses from doing farm work.
For clothing, her styles have changed considerably since moving to Aren’march. She’s traded her home made, patched clothing for softer, newer clothes with rich colors. She likes wearing low cut tops, snug pants and flowing jackets.

Straythen (large, grey and brown birds of prey native to Inana)
Unal (her pet Straythen)
Kru-shin (a form of hopscotch with very elaborate layouts)
Men (especially ones without their shirts on. Or much in the way of clothing for that matter)
Ade’darens (small, long haired sheep-like animals with cloven hooves and white or brown coats)

Lirriro steaks (multi-colored, polka dotted alien cow-things)
Sailorereshkigal (for some reason, that woman just rubs her the wrong way)
Paranoid people
Arillira paste (a highly nutritional food item that tastes kind of like strong beans mixed with broccoli, made from the common Arillira plant)

Strong Points: High on the sex appeal, good listener, highly imaginative. She can play a shepherd’s whistle very well. She’s highly sympathetic and social.
Weak Points: Tends to be a little on the narcissistic side of things, is a bit of an attention seeker. She also has a fatal weakness for attractive men to the point where she almost always tries to seduce them. Can be ruled by her emotions and tends to do things on impulse.

Kersey-Bates Personality test – ENFP
The Champion
81% on I to E
10% on N to S
9% on F to T
57% on J to P
Your group summary: idealists (NF)
Your type summary: ENFP
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Low
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

Henshin Phrase: "Inana Nammu Power, Make Up!"

Fuku Details:
Primary color: teal
Secondary color: Pharlap (a kind of grayish pink #A3807B)
Boots: her boots are teal in color and don’t go quite up to her knees. There is a pharlap band at the top of the boot that forms a downwards point at the center of the band
Earrings: She wears no earrings
Weapon: She uses a small, double bladed axe. It’s very lightweight and roughly about the height of her torso. The blades are curved and carved to mimic the wings of the Straythen, a bird of prey native to the Eden’s third moon, Inana. Its blades are silvery in color with a teal handle.
Attack Name: Emotional Embrace!
Style: defensive
The Attack: Inana brings her arms up to cross over her torso and looks directly at the target. She says the name of her attack and a wave of teal and pink rosettes. The rosettes spiral around her target and trap them in place. It doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes, which is frequently long enough for her to get away, for help to arrive, or to get another attack off. While trapped in the spiraling rosettes, the captive target’s emotions go into a state of flux, cycling rapidly from one emotion to another. It can be very disorienting and confusing. Power level: basic, requiring little energy
Effects: This attack requires very little in the way of energy so it’s not really draining on her physically, but it requires her to be able to focus her emotions

Attack Name: Love Pheromones!
Style: hypnotic
The Attack: She raises her left hand up to her lips, says the name of her attack and blows, sending sparks of teal mist spraying outwards. Who it affects is completely random and out of her control. When it does affect someone, it puts them completely under Sailorinana’s control for as long as she has the energy to do so. She can issue commands to them of any nature. The longer she has them in her control, the more draining it is to her.
Power level: moderate to high level
Effects: This is quite possibly her most draining attack emotionally and physically. If it goes on too long, it could be severely detrimental to her continued health.

Attack Name: Heartbreaking Melody!
Style: offensive
The Attack: She twirls the axe around her head. The carvings in the wing shaped blades causes the wind to whistle through it, making a sound like a high note on the shepherd’s pipe. From there she can either slash the blade down to release a wave of extremely sharp eight pointed stars or she can use slash into her target with the blade itself causing even more damage
Power level: high
Effects: The first attack option is moderately draining, but the second is extremely draining and shouldn’t be used more than once a day. She requires rest before using it again.

Lelahel was born two weeks premature to a pair of farmers so badly off that they brought new meaning to the expression ‘dirt poor’. Their small farm produced barely enough food to keep the small family alive and they used most of the products of their small herd of Ade’darens (small, long haired sheep-like animals with cloven hooves and white or brown coats) to trade for things they couldn’t make themselves. Technically, Lelahel was the fourth child, but two of her older siblings had died young from illness or injury and the third had died shortly after his birth. Crib death, the doctors called it.

So when Lelahel was born during the Day of Openness, her parents decided that they would do everything within their abilities to keep this baby alive. For the first few months of her life, she slept in the same bed as her parents, which made feeding the small baby much easier for her exhausted mother. She wore simple, hand made clothing that had fabric added to it as she grew. There were several close calls in her early childhood with bad sicknesses, but she made it through each one and was all the stronger for it.

When she was old enough to understand instructions, she went out into the fields with her parents to help weed the fields, pick produce, and carry things back and forth. In the planting season, she helped by carrying tools and seeds while her parents did the actual work. Her father taught her to play the shepherd’s whistle, a small, three octave pipe that was used to control the Ade’daren flock. They were trained to respond to commands played on the pipe, so once she was proficient enough, she was often left to tend to the flock herself, freeing both her parents to put more energy into the farm. It was during her stints as shepherd that she discovered a marked preference for the company of others. She was fond of the shaggy beasts, but preferred people.
At age eight, she found an abandoned Straythen chick and raised it. It became a great help in keeping rodents off the fields.

With Lelahel helping out with the flock, her parents were able to continually increase the output on the farm enough that when she was nine, they could afford to hire help. When she reached twelve years of age, they could afford to send her to school in the nearby town of Aren’march. She’d been taught reading, writing, numbers, and a bit of the history of Inana, the planet Eden, as well as a bit about the other worlds in the Tigris-Euphrates system. She was a little behind the others in her age group, but caught up quickly enough. Her parents were pleased with her progress.

At the age of fifteen, after having been away from the family farm for the better part of three years, she came home for an extended stay. She took the Ade’daren flock out to pasture and sat on a rock playing tunes on her pipe. While she was playing, she started to feel lightheaded. The more she played, the worse it got. She paused in her playing, feeling a sense of euphoria flood through her just before she passed out.

The dream she had while she was asleep held images that she didn’t understand, but she clearly recalled a woman dressed like the sailor senshi that protected the other moons and, in turn, the planet Eden. Her colors were teal and a kind of grayish pink that she later learned was called pharlap. She carried a deadly looking axe in her hands and she bore a remarkable resemblance to Lelahel.

She woke to find her parents and the hired help standing over her with concerned looks on their faces. She claimed that she was fine. Since she didn’t appear to be hurt, they made sure she ate, drank lots of water, and rested for the remainder of the day.

It wasn’t until two months before she turned 17 that she had the dream again. With the dream came a certainty of knowledge that something was missing from her life. Sitting in her small room in the school’s dormitory, she whispered the phrase, "Inana Nammu Power, Make Up!" A rush of energy flowed over her and when it passed, she was wearing the same outfit as the woman in her dream. She’d never held any hope that she could be a senshi, but there it was: fuku, weapon, and a feeling of strength that she’d never known before.

Two months later, her parents came to Aren’march for her birthday. Since it was also the Day of Openness, she decided to break the news to her parents. They took it surprisingly well, especially since it meant that their daughter was even more special then they’d thought. They brought the news to the city’s mayor, who, after seeing her transform, ushered her with no further argument to the great palace in the capital city of Sinti’arebed where Lelahel has resided to this day.

Life in the palace hasn’t been easy for the poor, country bred girl. Fortunately, her openness and easy-going nature helped her adapt to the situation.

At present, she is trying to deal with learning how to be a Queen as well as dealing with the warping barrier around the planet Eden.


Planet: Inana
Capital City: Sinti’arebed
Other Towns: Aren’march, Seudo’than, Xyn’kaliir
Terrain: Inana has areas of flat land that is ideal for farming and areas that are mostly mountains and hills. The main products of the moon are Adre’daren (animals, wool, and meat), the common Arillira plant (which is used across the system as a basic food product and can be found in survival kits), rainbow gems mined in the mountains, and a variety of musical instruments.
Weather: The weather changes quite rapidly. There are five seasons in a year: the flood season called Ekumaiya, the growing season called Nainuthen, the hot and dry season known as Eshkator, a second flood season called Trekumaiya, and the winter season called Saklitenyu. Within each season, the weather is predictable, but is prone to sudden change. Flash floods are a danger in towns that are near the mountains and hills.
People: The people that live near the mountains and in the hills are miners, farmers, or herders. The merchants and craftspeople live in the towns. A child is considered an adult at the age of 16. Leadership is under the local mayors and they fall directly under the eye of the Queen herself. Out in the wilds and farms and mines, there is little leadership, though farms that are close together (relatively speaking) band together for mutual protection against thieves and bandits. The livelihood of all depends on the farms and mines.
Religion: Like the people of Enki, they still worship one of the old Star Gods. The people all bow in worship of Ishkur, the rain god, for without his divine help, the farms would cease to produce and there would be little hope of keeping people up in the waterless mountains without the rains. They ignore criticism from other worlds, knowing full well in Ishkur’s divinity.