Name – Dalmashin Jaleran (last name Dalmashin) (meaning: Justice Sword)
Species - Diathim (Angel)
Japanese name - Tsubasano Shitsuren (wings of the broken heart)
Nickname(s) - Jal
Age - 24
Birthdate – October 12
Sign - Libra
Blood type - unknown
Family – Aunt Tuleila, Uncle Bramshin, cousin Gerwith
Likes – flying, flutes, drawing, herbs, law
Dislikes – small rooms,
Fave foods – vegetables, popcorn, sweets
Least fave foods – spiced foods
Schools - none
Lightsaber - handle is engraved with feather patterns with a silver blade
Fave color - silver
Hobbies - art
Aspirations – to become the High Justice of Iego
Gemstone - moonstone
Magic item(s) - rapier
Challenge phrase -
Personality – Jaleran is a bit on the odd side. She’s very quiet and shy, but when she expresses her opinion, she does so without holding back anything
Strengths – her ability to keep secrets
Weaknesses – not acting until forced to do so
History – Her parents and twin sister vanished on a trading mission when she was staying with her aunt due to a childhood illness at age 7. When the news reached her, she was devastated and never completely recovered and was left with a very frail state of health.
Appearance: Jalaran 2
Senshi attitude -
Scarf: dark purple
Chocker: blue
Skirt: light purple, dark purple, yellow
Bow, front: light purple double wings
Bow, back: dark purple wings, long dark purple ribbon
Glove ends: yellow
Sleeves: blue with yellow ends
Boots: dark purple with yellow band at the top
Gloves and body suit: dark grey
Henshin – Iego Planet Power, Make Up!
Powers –
Iego Feather Storm
Angel Justice Strike