~ The Human Aspect ~

Name: Mayonaka Kijo
Name Meaning: Midnight Witch

Age: appears to be in her late teens, possibly around 18-19
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bi
Availability: She’s single, but not really looking at the moment
Alignment: She’s unaligned at the moment, but she’d most likely align with the shade senshi.
Intentions: Largely, she wants to be left alone, but as she’s none to fond of the Sol senshi and the line of Selenity, she’ll side with the Shade Senshi if only to get rid of those she hates. Her ultimate goal is become the Queen of the Cosmos once again.

Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 120 lbs
Physical Features: Physically, she seems to be your average Caucasian. She has curly hair falls to the middle of her back at its longest section. It’s a very, very dark shade of blue, almost black, in fact. Her eyes are hazel, leaning more towards the green end of that color. Her right eyebrow is pierced with a silver hoop. In her left ear, she has three holes in her earlobe. Her right ear has three in the earlobe and one in the upper part of her ear. These piercings remain when she transforms.
Clothing Style: She loves wearing corsets, tank tops, knee high boots, hoodies (when the weather is colder). She wears sunglasses all the time. Pretty much everything she wears is solid in color, but she’ll occasionally wear red or black and white plaids. For bottoms, she prefers mini skirts or black cargo pants. As far as accessories go, she has suspenders and an assortment of jewelry. Her favorite outfit is a blood red spaghetti strap corset with a black and white plaid, pleated mini skirt.

Likes: Garlic (because she really likes the taste). She likes pomegranates, especially in juice form. Her favorite animals are snakes. She feels that snakes are misunderstood and noble animals. Point of fact, if she could pick a profession, she’s choose herpetologist hands down. She even has a stuffed boa constrictor that she has draped around her bedroom. She prefers moonless nights to ones with the moon as the sight of the moon irritates her. She’ll eat almonds in any form as they’re her favorite nuts. The scents of lavender and mint relax her. She likes the taste of thyme. Mint tea is her favorite beverage as it has the soothing scent of mint and it tastes good, too, especially with a little bit of sweetener added. Given her choice, she’s rather be outside than inside. She adores dogs, especially black ones. Unlike most people, she’ll tolerate smaller dogs even though she prefers larger ones.
Dislikes: After her fight with Selenity, she’s come to despise the sight of the moon. She finds that most people wander about in complete ignorance of what’s going on around them, thinking that the only things happening are what’s going on in their own little world. This ignorance annoys her. She hates being sick as being sick means that she’s confined indoors where there’s no fresh air and no real breeze save what she can get though her bedroom window. She’s a very private person, so when people get very nosy and overly curious about things they have no business asking about, she gets very upset and tends to snap at them. People who are hyper religious scare her. She really doesn’t like cats. She’s had nothing but bad luck where cats are concerned.
Inabilities: She can’t stand seeing people around her being happy and goes out of her way to cause trouble for those who are. She doesn’t stay focused on things for very long, constantly changing her mind on things. She doesn’t keep friends for long as a result of this. She doesn’t communicate herself well because she doesn’t often talk to people.
Strengths: Unlike a lot of girls, she’s not afraid of snakes, insects, or graveyards. While she believes in ghosts, dead spirits don’t scare her. When left alone to study, she does quite well but suffers when she has to do group projects.
Latent Ability: She can do small magic outside of her fuku, but it’s not easy for her. These are pretty much limited to finding spells and making inanimate objects float.

Personality: She dresses like a Goth because she loves wearing dark colors and wearing clothes that aren’t the norm, but doesn’t act like one. She’s not depressed or emo, but she does hold a smoldering anger that tends to erupt at people with little to no warning. She detests the term ‘emo’ anyways.
Kijo is very fickle, constantly changing her mind on things. She gets frustrated easily as she knows things about the nature of the universe that she can never tell people or she’d get locked away in a mental ward for the rest of her life. She has few friends and that’s fine with her. She sees other people as pawns, things to be used to further her own means. The fewer friends she has the fewer people she has to hide her secret life as a senshi from. Also, it gives her more time to practice the little magic she can do without her parents finding out. She’s very private and hates it when people ask too many questions about things they have no business knowing about.
She doesn’t like going to school and hates shopping, doing so only when she knows exactly what she wants or needs and exactly where to get it. The exception to this are her magic supplies. She will happily spend hours in stores that traffic in the things she needs to grow in her abilities, flipping through books and browsing through assorted herbs.
She’s tends to stays away from people, mostly because she doesn’t care about them, but also because she likes her privacy. People assume that she’s shy but she isn’t. She tends to be very vocal about her opinions and is easily frustrated when she can’t get her point across.

~ The Warrior Aspect ~

Senshi Name: Sailorhecate
Base Element: Sorcery
Secondary Element: blood
Aura Color: blackberry
Colors: blackberry, charcoal, grey
Symbol: The wheel of Hecate

Power: weak
Mind: high
Vitality: low
Spirit: average
Energy: low-average
Agility: average

Henshin Item: Key of the Cosmos. An antique silver key on a long chain around her neck.
Henshin: She holds the key in her hand. She brings her fist up to her lips and whispers, “Hecate Sorcerous Power, Make Up.” The sound of dogs barking can be heard as blackberry light emanates from her fist, warping her clothes into her fuku. The crystal grows and becomes her weapon.

Fuku Details: Her tiara is a thin black band that encircles her head with a teardrop shaped gem suspended from the middle. The gem is blackberry colored. Her collar is blackberry with no stripe and her skirt is the same color and pleated. The pleats are thinner than in the standard Sol system skirt. Her belt is thin and light grey. The ends are uneven with one side descending down into the skirt a little ways and the other merges into it. She wears thigh high charcoal boots with a high heel. She has a charcoal bodice that resembles a corset. It laces up in the back with light grey ribbon, tied into a bow at the bottom with long ends that trail down to the tops of her boots. The space between the two ends of the bodice is bare and her skin can be seen though the gaps in the ribbon. Her front bow is light grey and her back bow is charcoal. Both bows are small. She wears no gloves.
Weapon: Sacred Lance. It essentially consists of two blades joined at one handle. The blades themselves are shaped like diamonds that have had their tops stretched upwards and thinned out slightly. The bulk of the weapon is blackberry in color with insets of light grey in the middle of the bladed sections. The blades are flat. The hilt that joins them is blackberry in color and is shaped something like a pair of stunted wings (but not quite). There is a pair of these just beneath each blade and each set is separated from the matching set by a thin handle.

Attack Name: Blood Sacrifice
Style: Offensive
The Attack: She whispers, ‘blood sacrifice’ and grabs one of the two blades of her lance (it doesn’t matter which one) and slices her hand open while sliding it down to the hilt. Then she spins the blade around and it glows in her aura color and she uses that to unleash a powerful attack on her opponent. The more blood gets on the weapon, the more powerful the attack is. The attack flows outward in a wave from the arc the blade forms as it slashes through the air. The wave is the same color as her aura and does a lot of physical damage with a little bit of disorientation (which is only temporary).

Attack Name: Dark Sorcery
Style: Defensive
The Attack: A thick, black mist floods the area, drastically reducing visibility. Through the mist, the sound of dogs howling can be heard and ghostly shadows flit through it. It strikes fear in the hearts of those around her, enemy and ally alike. It summons up the worst fears of her opponents, displaying them for their eyes only. This attack can also be used as a kind of lie detector, as if you’re truly on the same side of things as Hecate, you won’t be affected as badly as those who aren’t. If you’re on her side or she considers you a friend or an ally, you’ll just feel a slight panic if you get caught in the attack, like you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

(I added this attack on as I can’t really describe Dark Sorcery better and I thought this one up as I was working on this bio. I’m adding it as an alternative to the previous attack. Whichever one you like better I’ll keep for now.) Attack Name: Black Soul Eruption
Style: Destructive
The Attack: Hecate grabs a person. It doesn’t matter what part of the body she gets her hands on, but she generally prefers to grab the neck. She looks into the eyes of the person she’s holding and whispers, “Black Soul Eruption”. Darkness oozes from her fingertips, completely covering her victim. The victim’s starseed erupts from the ooze and hovers above the head, spinning slower and slower until it stops, blackens and then shatters. The ooze is then absorbed into the victim’s body and a youma is left in its place. There is no hope for healing for the victims of the attack.

~ The History ~

Long before the beginning of the Silver Millennium, a senshi was born on Earth with powers over the realm of magic. So great was her power and so loved was she by the people of the country she was born in that the people wrote a hymn to her, labeling her as the “Key-bearing Queen of the Cosmos”. She grew proud and strong in her role. The one blight in her life was her rivalry with Selenity. Very little ever came of it, but Hecate disliked the senshi of the Moon nonetheless. While the people praised Hecate and associated her with the moon, she knew better, she knew that the moon was Selenity’s realm.
One day, Hecate came across a prophecy that a daughter would be born to a senshi line in the Sol system who would eventually be so powerful that she would come to be the true queen of the Cosmos, Sailorcosmos, and replace Hecate as the one bearing the title Queen of the Cosmos. Upon hearing this rumor she became angry, angry that someone would dare to create such a tale in the first place, let alone repeat it in her presence, for she was the holder of the Key of the Cosmos. This key was the source of her title ‘Queen of the Cosmos’. She’d had the key for as long as she could remember, for as long as she’d been awake as a senshi in many, many lifetimes.
Eventually, she found the source of the prophecy: a young priestess living in seclusion in Mars’ capital city. She spoke to this priestess for quite some time to determine exactly which senshi line she spoke of. The description the young priestess gave her made it blatantly clear that it was not in her destiny to become the true Queen. The description given, though, was one well-known to her, one of her hated rival. Sailorhecate killed her in a rage and went in search of the moon senshi the priestess spoke of.
Up on the moon in orbit around the planet Earth, the planet she herself had come from, Hecate found the woman with senshi powers whose line would eventually produce one strong enough to be labeled as Sailorcosmos, a woman matching the description the priestess had given her. In a rage, she tried to kill Selenity in an attempt to end the line before it began in hopes that she could remain Queen of the Cosmos for eternity.
In the end, Selenity won the battle. After figuring out why Hecate had attacked her in the first place, Selenity was sickened. Rather than killing Hecate outright, she locked her away inside a place called Tartarus, the place where all of the enemies of the Silver Millennium were sent. Tartarus was guarded by a senshi called SailorNiflheim. When Niflheim was defeated by Beryl and Sailornemesis, Hecate happily helped the other prisoners tear their jailer to shreds. It wasn’t as satisfying as personally killing Queen Selenity, but it helped to alleviate some of her anger. Eventually, she died, but as with all senshi, she was reborn. In each life time, with the awakening of her starseed came the memories of her battle with Selenity and subsequent incarceration in Tartarus. Because of this, Hecate came to hate the moon and what it symbolized, as happened in all of her previous life times. As time passed, she grew to hate the other planets in the Sol system. This hatred carried down through her incarnations into the present day. For thousands of years, she was born and reborn with no sign of the senshi of the Silver Millennium. She began to hope that the senshi had been completely destroyed in the war against Beryl.
Kijo was born on August 13 in a hospital in Tokyo. She’s the youngest of four children and as such is a little on the spoiled side. Her youngest sibling is nearly fourteen years older than her, so she was effectively raised as an only child.
The year of her fourteenth birthday, she was antique shopping with her mother when she found an old key. The store owner told her that nothing in the store had anything that used it. Kijo asked that her mother buy it for her anyways as she thought it looked pretty. She wore it on a long chain around her neck for a couple of weeks before her senshi self woke. Using the key, she could transform into Sailorhecate.
Since before becoming a senshi, Kijo has been fascinated by magic, though any magic that she practices has to be done in secret as her parents highly disapprove of it. They tolerate her manner of dress because she’s the baby, but they won’t have witchcraft under their roof. As a result, she’s not very good at it in her civilian form. In order to give their youngest the best chance at a successful life, they got her into Mugen Gakuen. She passed the entrance tests and has continued to do well, as she’s a very good student.
She has no knowledge that the Sol senshi have been reborn and no present knowledge of the Shade senshi.

~ The Playing Aspect ~

Player Name: Purenightshade
Age: 25
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