Birth Name: Kitcha vri Jas’moden
Earth Name: Eamhair Fox
Meaning: swift fox
Gender: female
Age: Since her home planet has a much smaller rotation that Earth does, consisting of only 13 days, on her home planet, she’s 18 years (234 days) and considered to be a sub adult. On Earth, she’s not even a year old.
Birthday: Since her planet has such a short rotation, they don’t celebrate birthdays the way the people of Earth do. They mark a certain period of days instead in increments of a hundred, each hundred days being marked with a small celebration with family, friends, food, drink, and gifts. On Earth, however, to blend in with the natives, she selected a birthday of March 19 at random.
Blood Type: her people only have one kind of blood. It’s white in color. She can disguise her outward appearance, but not her blood. If she gets cut, she has to hide it.
Appearance: Her natural appearance looks very…odd. Her hair is grey-brown in color. She has ragged bangs that hide most of her face. In the back, it’s tied into two buns with long, thick tails that fall to the top of her thighs. The buns aren’t visible from the front. Her eyes are slanted and solid blue in color. No visible pupils or other features that the human eye would have. Her nose is triangular in shape like a house cat’s nose. Her skin is white. She has big ears perched on top of her head and a long, fluffy tail that are the same color as her hair. The insides of her ears are white. Her hands are human shaped, but her feet have three large toes. Her toes and fingers each have long, retractable claws.
Her human disguise has grey hair, blue eyes, and dusty brown skin. She looks pretty normal for a human. Almost too normal. Her bangs are shorter as a human and her bangs are less ragged, but the back is done the same way.
Personality: She’s fairly outgoing, but doesn’t really like to be in the thick of things. She has passive tendencies, letting other people make most of the decisions. She feels that it’s easier to learn things this way. She has a strong obsession with shiny things. She’s also incredibly curious.
Education: On her home world, she has very recently completed her education, but on Earth, she has had to cram as much info about Earth as she can into her head and it’s not easy of her to keep things straight. She is presently attending T*A Academy in the tenth grade.

Talents: avoiding her chores, communication and languages
Fears: getting cut, seeing her own blood
Dislikes: fighting outside of her senshi form (as it may result in injury and give people an indication that she’s not the normal girl she appears to be)
Likes/Hobbies: she adores animals and prefers them to humans since their languages are much simpler, shiny things, socialization
Favorite Food: spicy things
Least Favorite Food: bland things
Favorite School Subject: things that involve lots of reading, like literature and history
Least Favorite Subject: things that involve numbers, like science and math, and things that involve lots of work, like gym
Favorite Gemstone: Look! Shiny thing!
Favorite Color: red
Favorite Animal: all of them (except gerbils and hamsters)
Favorite Flower: daffodils
Least Favorite Flower: ivy
Strengths: Through her lack of knowledge about humans, she’s able to make interesting observations on them and see things a different way. She has a high tolerance for cold and can see well in the dark. Since her home planet’s gravity is 2.15 times stronger than Earth’s, she’s a lot stronger than anyone else. Not only is she stronger, but she can jump higher and run faster than she could back home.
Weaknesses: Her lack of knowledge is also a hindrance to her as she sometimes does things are a socially unaccepted or rude without meaning to. She’s highly photosensitive and doesn’t like hot weather very much. Truth be told, her newly discovered physical strength makes things really hard for her and she has to work very hard to keep from hurting anyone. Gliesians are very social and tactile, so learning how to physically interact with humans and not hurt them is one of her top priorities.
Family: Back on Gliese, she has both parents, both sets of grandparents, but no siblings.
History: Astronomers on Gliese discovered Sol a century ago, but only in the last two decades discovered that it had planets. When they came across Earth, they decided that it was likely that it supported life. Plans were made to send someone to see if there really was life, but those plans were forgotten in light of other far more important things. Kitcha, in her role as Sailorgliese, decided to go herself and take a look. She told people that she’d go and see if this new planet had people that might pose a threat to Gliese, but really, she was just very curious. She’d never seen an alien before.
Before she left, she was warned to not stay too long, as she could suffer from muscle and bone atrophy from what they suspected was a much lower gravity than she was used to.
After arriving on Earth, she found herself in Canada. Through careful observation, she learned a little bit of their language, enough to get by, but not enough for a truly in depth conversation. From there, she stumbled upon a school that was sending exchange students to a place called Japan. When a student backed out of the program, she used her disguise tool to become that person and took her place. She gave herself the same name as that student and soon found herself enrolled in T*A Academy in the 10th grade.
After being on Earth for a month and a half, she’s picked up a fair amount of Canadian English and Tokyo Japanese. She can get by in both countries. Not well, but she’s learning.

Senshi Name: Sailorgliese
Planet: Gliese
Aura Color: ice
Colors: ice, grey-purple, blue
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive
Weapons: she has claws that serve as a natural weapon
Fuku Design

Henshin Phrase: Gliese Crystal Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: Ice
Elemental strengths: earth, light, storms
Elemental weaknesses: fire, lightning, metal

Name of Power: Gliese Ice Formation
Power Type: Defensive
Description: Ice crystals form around the lower half of her target, preventing them from moving.

Name of Power: Ice Crystal Refraction
Power Type: Offensive
Description: A large ice crystal form in her hands. She throws it towards her target. It shatters on the way there. The pieces both shred the target’s skin and clothing and reflect the light around them, blinding the enemy/enemies.