Sailor Chulak

Name: Ki'rylln

Gender: Female
Height:6 feet, 2 inches
Eyes: Black; Because she is a Goa'uld host, she can make her eyes glow a wierd golden color
Hair: dark grey and is cut short

Birthday: November 13
Age: 25
Blood Type: A

Build: Slender, curvaceous and sensual, average strength
Unique Physical Characteristics:Dark skinned

Senshi Name: Sailorchulak - Senshi of Chaos and Destruction

Senshi Colors: gold, purple, dark blue
FukuSailor Fuku Details:
Realm: Death , with powers coming from Destruction/Healing
Transformation Item: An armband that looks like a golden snake with amethysts for eyes
Transformation Phrase: Chulak Star Power, Make Up!
Animal Guide: A Goa'uld named Bast. (Goa'uld are creatures from Stargte SG-1 and are parasites that infect their hosts and control the host body once they've infected it). She also has a pet cat who is grey in color and called Isis.

Ribbon device - Most Goa'uld wear a ribbon device on their hand. The device emits an energy wave, it can be used in two manners, either knocking people or objects away with a large force, or it can cause incredible pain to coarse through the victim's skull when used at close range. The ribbon device can kill the target. Chaos staff - Looks like a cross between Pluto's time staff and Saturn's Glaive

Chulak Darkness Erupt!: A ribbon of black energy ; Raising her Chaos staff she twirls it around and says Chulak Darkness Erupt and a a ribbon of black energy surrounds her target, blinding them Bast Glowing Eye Hypsnosis: All the target sees is a glowing yellow light. Those not being targeted by the attack can see a pair of glowing yellow cat like eyes above Chulak as well as her own eyes glowing that same golden color; 65% chance of rendering them under Chulak's control. If they aren't under her control, they become temporarily paralyzed.
Chaos Death Ribbon Destroy: Similar to Chulak Darkness Erupt, but on a much larger scale. The ribbons are much more numerous.; They block the sun from the view of her target. The ribbons surround the target and will crush them to powder unless stopped by an outside force or Chulak herself.

Origin: Chulak, a planet far away from Earth
Favorite Food:any form of meat
Least Favorite Food: sweets
Favorite School Subject: Battle training
Least Favorite School Subject: History
Favorite Gemstone: Amethyst
Future Goals: To destroy the Tau'ri and become overlord of the system lords
Strengths: When she gets an idea, she doesn't let anything get in her way
Weaknesses: She's evil and a bit to single minded. she's also a bit weak, as Bast really is in control of her body.
Hobbies: Devising methods to destroy the Tau'ri, giving her Jaffa and cat guards surprise inspections and drills
Unkown, as she was taken away from her family at a very early age ot become Bast's new host

How this Character became a Sailor Senshi:
When she hit puberty, she became able to do some very odd things, things that no Goa'uld host should be able to do. Isis, her pet cat, told her how to use those powers to advance herself among the ranks of the Goa'uld. she's been a senshi since she turned 14.

Other important details:
After Apophis's death,s he took over the planet Chulak, the planet that was hers from birth. She controls an army of Jaffa as well as cat headed guards, similar in nature to Apophis's serpent guards.

Personality: She had a rather dark personality to begin with even before Bast took over her body after Lin'ta, the previous host for Bast became too old for her to maintain, even with the help of a sarcophagus. She has a very sadistic sense of humor and loves nothing more than to plot the destruction of her enemies.
She counts among her enemies the Tau'ri (people of Earth), the Asguard, and theTok'ra, the Goa'uld like people who fight them. Ki'rylln obsesses over killing the members of the SGC, specifically SG1. The traitor Teal'c is on the top of her 'to kill in a very painful manner' list, followed by Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, and Dr. Daniel Jackson.
Bast herself is rarely kind except when it suits her best interests.