Name - Kahlea (pronounced Ka-LEE-aa)
Species - mostly human
Japanese name - Mizuboshi Hotaru (Water star Firefly)
Nickname(s) - none
Age - 9
Birth date - March 9
Sign - Pisces
Blood type - A+
Family - mother, father
Likes - music, stuffed bears
Dislikes -
Fave foods - chili
Least fave foods -soup
Schools - none
Lightsaber - grey handle, aqua blade
Fave color - blue, green, silver
Hobbies - collecting figurines and teddy bears
Aspirations - to be a singer
Gemstone - black pearl
Magic item(s) - none
Henshin item: gold ring set with a single sapphire
Powers -
Yavin Prism Power, Make Up!
Yavin Twinkling Flash
Angel Wing Meditation!

Challenge phrase - none yet
Personality - Very soft spoken, she is shy around strangers
Strengths - diplomatic
Weaknesses - doesn't like to fight
History - She is Serena's daughter, but can't recall who her father is.
Appearance - She's a little tall for her age with light blue hair done in four odangos. Her eyes are a vivid blue
Fuku - black: skirt, scarf, chocker, ribbon around her left arm
blue: front bow, shoes, tiara stone
lavender: back bow, broach
Henshin - a gold ring with a small black pearl
Fuku 2