Sailor Abydos

Name: Meskhenet

Gender: Female
Eyes: dark grey
Hair: black and long, bound in a tail about halfway down her back leaving the rest to trail down to her knees.

Age: 23
Blood Type: B

Build: Slender, tough and wiry, well toned muscles
Unique Physical Characteristics:Tan skinned

Senshi Name: Sailorabydos - Senshi of Purity and Fire

Senshi Colors: golden brown, light blue, red, yellow
Fuku Design:
Realm: Fire, with powers coming from Purity
Tranformation Item: Moonstone pendant
Transformation Phrase: Abydos Star Power, Make Up!
Weapons:none yet
Abydos Sand Howl - A blast of wind picks up any loose landscape around Sailorabydos and flings it at the target
Abydos Fire Purification - A circle of fire surrounds the enemy and purifies it
Desert Fox Strike - In this attack, a beam of fire shaped like a running fox strikes the enemy

Origin: Abydos, a planet far away from Earth
Favorite Food:chicken
Least Favorite Food:carrots
Favorite School Subject:Languages
Least Favorite School Subject:math
Favorite Gemstone:moonstone
Future Goals:To become a diplomat between Earth and Abydos
Strengths: Very focused
Weaknesses: Trusts people too easily
Hobbies: carving jewelry out of precious and semi-precious stones
Mother: Mesi
Father: Sefu
Aunt on father’s side: Kephri
Father’s good friend: Kasuf

How this Character became a Sailor Senshi: All the women in her family have been the protecting senshi of Abydos. Under Ra’s rule, most of them were killed when their powers were discovered. Those who managed to escape went deep into the desert to await the day when Ra would fall.
After Ra was killed, Meskhenet’s mother, Mesi, then the Sailor of Abydos, came to Kasuf’s village and married Chief Kasuf’s good friend Sefu and moved to a house on the edge of the village.
When she was 12, her mother told her what she was to become and the story of her family. She promised her daughter to not reveal who she was in case another Goa’uld attack came. The years passed on.

Personality:She’s a bit on the shy side and tends to not speak out very much. She is completely confused where men are concerned.