Secret Identity

Name: Tisiphone Thorn
Name Meaning: avenging murder
Genetics: X-gene
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian with ancestors from the British Isles
Ethnicity: Human
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Musician; specifically, bass player in Alecto Angel's band
Age: 23
Appearance: She's undeniably the weirdest member of the band though with blue and purple streaks in her short black hair. She keeps two sections of bangs growing, though. The shorter one on the right side of her face curls around her face to just above the bottom of her earlobe. It has a blue streak in it. The long section on the left is dyed purple and doesn't quite fall to her shoulder. Her right eye is misty blue and the left is sea green. Both irises are solidly colored with no visible pupil. The whites of her eyes appear to be normal. Her eyes glow in the dark like an animal's.
Personality: Tis doesn't sleep much, requiring only 7 hours per week, due to her mutant gifts, though how the lessened need for sleep relates to her X-gene ability is unknown. Frankly, she doesn't really care. Because of this, she's become something of an information junkie. If Tis doesn't know about something, then it's likely not worth knowing. She has access to all sorts of things. She's not a gossip, though, and keeps most things to herself.

Tis is the weird one. She's dark, cold, yet elegant and charming. She's highly intelligent and can be emotional, but she's distant to anyone that isn't one of her bandmates.
Hobbies: gathering information, bass playing,
Fears: very little, actually, but her biggest fear is her disease getting out of control and loosing her mind as a result
Likes: animals, light, shadows, darkness, brain teasers, reading, watching TV, strange color combinations
Dislikes: stinky herbs, chanting, spell casting, Wicca stuff
History: Tisiphone is also an orphan, but that's only because her father died when she was ten and her mother passed away recently. She never had much contact with her father while he was alive as he never married her mother. She's been told in no uncertain terms by her mother that she got pregnant deliberately. Her reasons are her own and Tis doesn't ask, really. Her mother and all maternal ancestors for hundreds and hundreds of years were and are practicing Wicca. Tis herself has a talent for it, but doesn't like chanting and mixing stinky herbs. Besides, her mutant gift is more fun.

She was diagnosed with acute intermittent porphyria, something that only the band members know. To treat it and keep herself from going insane, she gets regular blood transfusions and has been known to drink blood on occasion.

Tis met Alecto and Megaera in high school where they formed a band called The Furies. Megaera's cousin, Nyx, joined them as well even though she's three years older than them and went to university. They needed her because not only did she have her own hover van, she was also a drummer. They kept with it until they won a battle of the bands. When they were signed by Arcadia's top record label they made a conscious decision to change their name, letting themselves be known under Alecto's name as she was their lead singer/guitar player and undeniably the most popular member of the band.

Hero Identity

Hero Type: Group oriented hero
Name: Vendetta
Appearance and Costume: She wears a white brief top with a diamond shaped hole cut in the front, a pair of tight dark blue pants that have two holes cut into the side of each leg, grey-purple armbands and boots with very high heels, and a dark blue small mask. As Vendetta, she uses her light bending ability to mask the highlights in her hair, but leaves the longer purple strand alone.
Motivation/Explanation: She's not even really sure why she does this. Partly, she does it to give herself something to do when she's not getting her seven hours of sleep she needs per week.
Powers: Achluomancy/Spectromancy– the ability manipulate light, darkness and shadows to create illusions. She can use this ability to make blinding bursts of light (doesn't do it often), make an area dark, or make people see what she wants them to see. It doesn't always work the way she intends.
Equipment: In the event that she can't psyche her enemy out, she carries a collapsible quarterstaff in a holster around her left leg.
Talents: As a last resort, she can cast spells. She'll resort to this if her life is in extreme danger or the life of someone she cares about.
Weakness: She's not to keen on light, if there's a lot of blood around, she gets an urge to drink it.
Family History: Not born of a hero line per se, but she is from a long line of Wicca.

Theme Song: Vampire – Bif Naked