Organization:  Starfleet

Name: Tyler Wolffe

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Species: human, female

Height: 5’8’’

Hair: Grey

Eyes: pale grey

Birth: September 11, 2117



Tyler was raised in the backcountry of Ireland along with her twin sister, Anne, several cousins, her parents, and assorted aunts and uncles. Her Grandmother taught them all to speak Gaelic and she is fluent in it though it’s proven to be more or less a useless talent outside of the family, but is more often used to insult others without their understanding her.

Her school career was fairly unremarkable and she had thought about taking medicine and following in her mother’s footsteps. A school friend convinced her to take a mechanics class with her in high school and she became fascinated with the field. After that, she decided to continue on and take it in university. She was accepted to the University of Alberta and has earned her Masters degree in the field with her major in Engineering and her minor in Warp theory. She graduated in 2145 and earned her rank of Lieutenant Commander in 2148.



She is somewhat of a loner, so much so that her few friends in school took to calling her the Lone Wolf, which was shortened down to just Wolf. Her sense of humor tends towards the twisted end of the spectrum and can also be very sarcastic when irritated. She seems to be grumpy most of the time, but it’s just to hide the mischievous side to her personality and keep unwanted people away from her. She prefers to let people think that she’s male, as she looks very boyish. She has her won reasons for this, however, and those who do know her secret aren’t telling either.



She enjoys working out and, consequently, is rather strong and occasionally misjudges her strength. Other than that, she likes reading, drawing, and playing flute-like instruments. She secretly hopes to find a culture with a new kind of flute, to get one if possible, and learn how to play it.



She is capable of keeping her head in a crisis by running things that have no relation to the crisis in her head; songs, poetry, counting down numbers, things like that. She can also do most of the routine jobs in engineering half asleep, a fact that occasionally disturbs fellow crewmates.



Tyler has a tendency to be mistaken for the opposite gender, as she isn’t very feminine looking. She will do almost anything for chocolate, a food that was a rare luxury as a child and has a distinct weakness for tall men with blue eyes.