Name: Silence
Age: 16
Gender: F
Occupation: warrior
Origins: a small clan in western Canada, she decided to strike out on her own, as most of the Gargoyles in her area are related.
Nationality: Canadian
Species: Gargoyle

=Basic Description=
Height: 5’11
Weight: 185 lbs
Skin Tone: ice blue
Hair Color: light grey
Hair Style: long, up in ponytail on top of her head
Eye Color: green
Sexual Preference: men
Tattoos: none
Scars: none
Jewelry: gold earring in left ear, gold ring on middle claw on right wing, gold clasp on wrist of left wing claw, brass band around left thigh, brass anklets around both ankles and matching bands around her toes.
Birthmarks: none
Occult Skill/Knowledge: N/A
Weapons: bow and arrows
Clothing Description: purple sleeveless top with a slanting strap that wraps around her neck. A section just beneath her bust is bare between it and another piece of the shirt. Long purple loincloth with a brown belt.

=Advanced Description=
Detailed Physical Description: She has pointed ears as is typical of her clan with very leathery wings. Her wing sails are a darker blue than the rest of her. Her ponytail is wrapped in a long dark blue ribbon, giving it a stiffness before it falls down to her knees.
Detailed Personality Description: She is as her name claims: Silent. She doesn’t say a lot and is very good at moving silently. Despite this, she enjoys being with other people and is quick to accept others.
Life History: She’s from a clan in Central Alberta where it gets quite cold in the winter. She hates the cold and is looking forward to a warmer climate. The clans in her area are mostly related and the unrelated males aren’t to her liking. Deciding that it was time to go, she left, seeking another clan to call her own. Occult Training History: N/A
Combat/Weapon Training History: Her uncle Owleyes taught her how to use her bow to take down small game. Her father tried to teach her the use of the spear, but she had little interest in throwing a pointy stick. She wanted to learn the sword, but there was little practical use for it. She had to settle for the bow. After a while, she grew to like it.
Detailed Occult Skills: N/A
Occult Limits: N/A

Anything Else: She has a hobby of carving small figurines out of anything she can get her hands on. Wood, stone, gems, anything.