Name: Okaimi
Age: 20
Rank: dragonrider
Birthplace: Harper Hall
Current Residence: Dawnsisters Weyr
Father: Dokumi, Journeyman Harper
Mother: Kochoko, looks after children
Physical description: 6'0'' with long black hair held back in a ponytail and brown eyes. Fairly muscular from years of wrestling with her brothers. She appears to be several years younger than she is, which has been known to start fights or causing people to underestimate her.
Personality: Very tomboyish and rarely acts like a girl, and that's when her parents force it on her. She prefers to be left in the company of people of her own choosing, usually the Harper trainee and her brothers. Misinterpretations of her age occasionally lead to fights.
Life Story: Okaimi belongs to a pretty normal family, but, being the youngest of four siblings with her three brothers being all older than her, it's only normal that she turn out somewhat tomboyish. She doesn't really like her parents, as they didn't want a girl, so the boys, Yuushi, Hoshi, and Aiki in descending order of age, raised her. They had a slight tendency to spoil her in an attempt to make up for the lack of parental affections. She has a deep distrust of adults. Simple refusal on her part, as well as her brothers’ protectiveness had managed to keep her parents from thinking she's old enough to marry. She doesn't look old enough for marriage anyways, having the face of a fourteen-year-old girl as opposed to a twenty-year-old woman. She fostered for a time during her early teens with her Aunt Hana, a woman in the Lower Caverns up at Fort Weyr, who taught her the womanly arts of cooking, cleaning, mending, a little bit of weaving (though Okaimi is truly hopeless at the loom) to placate her parents. Hana listened while Okaimi played her flute, providing the evening entertainment for the two. Before her parents could bring her home, she'd stood for a hatching and Impressed a green dragon, ending all her parents hopes of marrying her well, but finally giving them some sort of pride in her accomplishment.

Type: feline
Description: small female named Jaffa , grey with darker grey raccoon striping down her tail and bright green eyes

Dragonriders section

Wing assignment: Mariposa Wing
Dragon name: Shirakenth
Dragon color: green
Physical characteristics: 3 years old and a light green with slightly darker wing sails and a splotch of blue on her backbone. She is 24 feet in length.
Personality: Shirakenth is rather stubborn and is often seen with the blues of the Weyr, talking. She assures her rider that they're all only friends, despite the fact that she's been flown by some of them. While not proddy, she sees mating flights as exercise. She is very talkative and can last longer in the air than most greens.