Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Name: Shyanne Lris
Rank: Lieutenant
Post: Tactical officer
Species: Trill, female
Height: 58
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Not much to tell. Average family, two brothers, no sisters. Average student at academics, but exceled in weapon, hand to hand, and tactical studies.
She is somewhat of a loner. Her sense of humor tends towards the twisted end of the spectrum and can also be very sarcastic when irritated. She has a disliking for people who can't defend themselves and tends to goad people into duels. Beyond that, she is fairly even tempered, but don't push the rwong buttong when she's in a bad mood.
She enjoys working out and, consequently, is rather strong and occasionally misjudges her strength. She is also a gifted artist.
She will do almost anything for chocolate, a food that was discovered during her time at the academy, and has a distinct weakness for tall men with blue eyes.