Name: Keverynn
Age: 18
Gender: F
Occupation: warrior
Origins: a small clan in western Canada, she decided to strike out on her own, as most of the Gargoyles in her area are related.
Nationality: Canadian
Species: Gargoyle

=Basic Description=
Height: 5’11
Weight: 185 lbs
Skin Tone: deep blue
Hair Color: bright red
Hair Style: long, trails down to the top of her tail
Eye Color: green
Sexual Preference: men
Tattoos: a rose and vine that wraps around her left arm
Scars: none
Jewelry: All of her jewelry is silver. She wears rings on the thumb of her wing hands, a cuff at the joint in her left wing arm, a cuff beneath the spike on her right wing arm, a band around her left thigh, and an anklet on her right foot.
Birthmarks: none
Weapons: spear
Clothing Description: She has two standard outfits. The one she wears for hunting is a sea green backless tank top with a matching loincloth. Her other outfit is a lighter green strapless dress with a purple belt. With that dress she wears purple socks that leave her clawed toes free. The tops of the socks have a trim that matches the darker green trim at the top of the dress.

=Advanced Description=
Detailed Physical Description: She has pointed ears as is typical of her clan with very leathery wings. Her wing sails are grey. She has a pair of smooth horns that start above her eyes and curve downward in a circle so that the tips end near her mouth
Detailed Personality Description: Keverynn is a very sarcastic person and tends to get offended easily. She’s quick to judge others and her opinion, once formed, is rarely changed.
Life History: She’s from a clan in Central Alberta where it gets quite cold in the winter. She hates the cold and is looking forward to a warmer climate. The clans in her area are mostly related and the unrelated males aren’t to her liking. Deciding that it was time to go, she and her egg sister Silence left, seeking another clan to call their own.
Combat/Weapon Training History: Her uncle Owleyes taught her how to use her spear to take down larger game. She wanted to learn the sword, but there was little practical use for it.

Anything Else: She’s a moderately talented musician, preferring strings and wind instruments. Just don’t ask her to sing.