Name: Honor Whitmore
Age: 27
Type: Gravitational Empath
Orphaned at an early age, she was adopted by a wealthy elderly couple who had no children of their own. She was diagnosed with a rare and extremely fatal blood disorder. Not wanting her to die, her adopted parents sent her to Adam for treatment. The only thing he knew of that would help would likely wind up killing her in the process. When she pointed out that she was going to die a long and painful death if she didn’t try, he gave in.
The disease receded for a time. A few weeks later, she was back at Genomex in intense pain. What her parents had thought was a relapse of the disease was actually a mutation of her genes. While she was recuperating, her parents died in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Utterly alone, she was considered a freak by any who met her. Whenever her emotions got to strong, her powers reacted, usually by tossing people and objects around the room.
Afraid of what people would think of her, she became a recluse, rarely leaving her parent’s house. She was fine until her powers began to mutate out of control. She began hearing thoughts and feeling what the people around her were feeling. It was worse if she was in close proximity to or in physical contact with someone. She started wearing dark colored clothes that covered all of her skin and short gloves on her hands.
On one of her rare forays out of the house, her new abilities overwhelmed her as she was looking at some nice sweaters in the same department store Emma and Shalimar were shopping in. She collapsed at Emma’s feet, clutching her head and muttering about voices. Without a word, they took her back to Sanctuary. Jesse and Brennan were out when they got there. Adam put her in a shielded room and had Emma work with her to get her new abilities under some kind of temporary control while he looked for a more permanent solution.