Full Name: Haley Kilmartin
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 137 lbs
Hair: strawberry blond
Eyes: left- blue, right- green
Any other distinguishing marks?
Age: 28
Gender: F
Place of Birth: Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada
Date of Birth: October 24, 2126
Race/ Species: Human


Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Assistant Security chief
Assignment: Enterprise NX-01
Department: Security
Qualifications: She is more proficient in hand to hand combat than with weapons. Because of her background, she’s had a lot of exposure to various alien races and is quite comfortable in space.
Languages: English, French, Vulcan, a little bit of Klingon, random bits of assorted other alien languages (mostly polite greetings)
Previous Assignments: as a Crewman, she served as a security officer for a six months on the cargo ship Blue Star under Captain O’Brien, five months as an Ensign under Captain Yamamoto on the warp three ship Aries, spent four months on Earth before she was assigned to protect a Vulcan diplomat by the name of T’neer for five months preceding her promotion to Lieutenant Junior grade and her return to Earth and her transfer to the NX-01
Background: She is the youngest of four kids with three older brothers. Her mom is a xenobotanist and her father is an engineer on the cargo ship Rising Star. Because of their careers, Haley and her brothers all went with them on their assignments. Because of this, she is well traveled and isn’t phased for long when she comes across new aliens. She’s spent her life tossed between her relatives on Earth, the cargo ship, and the various alien worlds her mother visited to study the plant life.
Psychological profile:
Haley is very outgoing, optimistic, and has a great zest for life. She isn’t shy about expressing her opinion to anyone who’ll listen. Because she was raised around boys, she has an odd fascination for explosions. She had originally planned don becoming a Xenoculturalist, but she discovered an aptitude for physical work not long after joining Starfleet. She is used to being surrounded by lots of people and so doesn’t do so well alone or in very small groups. It’s been found that she doesn’t relate easily to other women, preferring to be “one of the guys”.
When it comes to dealing one on one with her superiors (section heads and high ranking officers), her usual happy-go-lucky attitude is replaced by a seriousness brought on by nervousness and she tenses up. After an extended period of dealing with them, it fades.
She likes to tease Americans, but it’s all in good fun and she never means any harm by it. She’s good natured about any Canadian-oriented teasing she gets in return. People often think that she’s younger than she actually is, which can cause problems.
Writing sample (two paragraphs)
Haley drummed her fingers on the surface of the table absentmindedly as she read the contents of the pad in her other hand. It was a letter from Jason, her oldest brother. She hadn’t heard from him in over two months and she’d been worried about him. I guess that between his wife and his new job, he’s keeping himself busy, she thought as she read. I wish he’d stop trying to get me to come visit. I’m happier here than I am there. Here I have my work and interesting people to talk to. There’s so much out here to do, I don’t know how I find the time to get any sleep.
She set the pad down and smiled. If only he knew what life was like here. He never could get used to living on the Rising Star. He spent more of his life on Earth than I did, so he never got used to the close quarters and not really having much of a private life. This is heaven in comparison. Lots of people, things to do, all of the good parts of being on a cargo ship and a lot more privacy. I even have my own cabin!  She sighed and picked the pad up, leaving the mess hall to go back to her cabin. There’s just no explaining it to someone who’s never been here.