Secret Identity

Name: Alecto Angel
Name Meaning: Unceasing in anger
Genetics: X-gene
Gender: Female
Nationality: Ostensibly, she's Canadian, but as she doesn't know much about herself, she could be from anywhere.
Ethnicity: Human
Marital Status: single
Occupation: Singer
Age: 23
Appearance: She's very tall, standing at 5'10'' with long blond hair that falls straight to her thighs. She has the face of a china doll, very pale and innocent looking. Her bangs are long and she tends to wear one long strand of them loose with the others back with the rest of her hair. Her eyes are icy blue. She always wears very trendy clothing. She tends to wear a black velvet chocker with an obsidian teardrop pendant. Her manner of dress is reminiscent of the punk style of the 21st century.
Personality: Cold and angry. This anger is what fuels her music, so it does do her some good, but when she's not singing, she has no outlet for it. She's very snide and sarcastic and tends to poke fun at everything and everyone around her. Those who know her know better than to take a lot of what she says personally. Those who don't tend to think of her as a bitch.
Hobbies: music, guitars, 20th century clothing and music
Fears: spiders, insects, being under ground, airplanes
Likes: guitars, fire, the night, intensely spicy food
Dislikes: tone deaf people, ice, snow, sour food
History: Very little is known about Alecto's life before her eighth year. She was involved in plane crash that killed her mother, father, and two twin older brothers. She wasn't badly hurt in the accident, but she does suffer from amnesia. She can't remember much of anything from before the accident, not even her own name. According to her identification, her birth name was something starting with the letter A, but the rest of her identification document was obscured and partially destroyed in the crash. There wasn't enough information to track her down in any of the public archives, so she was renamed at the orphanage. Her anger prompted her case worker to give her the name Alecto, meaning unceasing anger. She seemed to like the name, so it stuck. She wasn't given a new last name in hopes that it would make things easier if she were to be adopted. She never was. At age 16, her musical talent was discovered by a large record label and she was signed immediately. Single name singers were out of style, so she assumed the last name Angel, stating the reason that it sounded cool.

The real reasons for everything in her life she keeps to herself. She was the one who caused the plane crash that killed her family. She survived it because of that. Even at an early age, her aeromancy gifts were beginning to show. She was angry with her parents for making her get on the airplane when they knew she hated the things. She doesn't remember why they made her go, only that they did. While she sat on the plane, she kept having thoughts of gusts of wind knocking the thing out of the sky, which is what brought it down.

Her unceasing anger is at both herself and her parents. If they hadn't made her get on the plane, they'd still be alive and she'd know who she was. It's directed at herself for having caused the accident. She is also angry at the world for not being able to help her.

She chose her surname of Angel after learning that her aeromancy gift could be used to form wings. No one else knows about this. She keeps her abilities to herself.

Hero Identity

Hero Type: Tragic Anti-hero
Name: Fury
Appearance and Costume: She really doesn't look that much different from her regular self except for the pair of wings that she can make appear on her back. She wears a backless, low cut black top with long off the shoulders sleeves. The bottom of the top is cut to reveal her abdomen. She also wears a pair of blood red shorts with a light grey trim, a thigh high light grey sock on her left leg and mid calf length black high heeled boots. Around her neck, she wears a plain, simple black chocker.
Motivation/Explanation: Fighting gives her another acceptable outlet for her anger. She's angry at the world. Besides, if she has to hurt someone she may as well focus it on criminals. Powers: She creates transparent wings through a form of aeromancy and has some moderate psychometry skills. She can sort of fly with the wings, but they're better for gliding on wind currents.
Equipment: Nothing.
Talents: She's a good fighter and is decent at strategy
Weakness: her anger blinds her to things and puts her at odds with anyone she may be working with
Family History: Not from a superhero line

Theme Song: 'Everyday is exactly the same' Nine Inch Nails