Name: Elyn
Pronunciation of Name: Eh-leen
Meaning of Name: Shy

Age: 24
Class: Conjurer
Race: Viera
Gender: Female
(Innate) Element: Wind

Eyes: blue-green with a faint golden simmer over top
Hair and style: Her hair is silvery white and very fluffy. Above the shoulders, it’s cut into layers. Some is left long, and that part falls down to her knees at its longest. It’s somewhat unevenly cut.
Height: 6’0’’
Weight: 155 lbs
Build: Elyn has a medium build. She’s slender with a small bust.
Skin: Her skin is medium brown in color.
Scars, etc: she has no scars at the moment

Usual Clothing: She wears a traditional Viera short blue dress that is completely open on the left side. It consists of solid cups over her breasts and flowing cloth for the body of the dress. The hem falls down to her thighs. There is a small traingular opening between the cups with the point of the triangle pointing downwards. The dress is held up by a series of thin black straps. Around her neck is a wide, high blue collar that the straps attach to. Aropund each arm just below the shoulder is a pair of x-shapeds black straps that hold up her bell shaped light blue sleeves. These sleeves go down to her elbows. on her hands, she wears a pair of black fingerless gloves. Around the finger holes is light blue fabric and there are light blue wristbands over the gloves.
Her bottoms are a simple pair of bikini style bottoms. They're black in color. For leggings, she wears light blue pants that look kind of like stockings, complete with cloth at the top that resembles garters. The top part of the leg curves upwards, splittig into two segments. One wraps around the back and one goes around the front. Each side eventually meets up with the stips from the other leg. The bottom part of the legging is only visible for a litlte while before it's covered in a dark blue legging that extends to her knees. Wrapping around that blue part are more black straps. These straps wrap around the thigh, circle underneath her knees, and keep wrapping around her leg down to her ankles.
Her shoes are white heels wtih a slightly curved heel. they're quite low cut on her feet and have black edging at the top and blue edging around the opening for her toes.
On her head, she wears a conical black hat with a dark blue band around it. In her left ear, she wears a silver hoop earing.

Summoner Clothing: She wears a horn head band on her forehead. The horn is blue. On each side are two curved pieces of silver, one coming from the top part of the horn and one from the bottom. The curves twist downwards, intersecting the other piece. They form a shape that looks like the astrological symbol for Taurus. Coming out of the center of the twisted metal bits on the left side of the band is a circular blue gem set into a silver oval. On the right, there is no gem, just the silver beads that wrap around to meet up with the beads that attach to the silver oval.
Her top is a deep green bodice. It covers her back, but the two sides don’t meet in the front. The front doesn’t completely cover her breasts. The sides are held together by deep blue laces that criss cross from side to side. There is still a wide gap between the two sides through which her skin can be seen beneath the laces.
Her bottoms consist of three layers. The bottom most is pair of green panty-like clothing. It goes from the top of her right hip and angles downwards to her left hip, where it rest at about the mid point on the hip. Across the back, it covers most of her butt. Over that is a very lightly pleated transparent blue skirt. It’s held in place by the third part, a pair of blue belts that join up to a circular buckle on her right hip. The skirt angles downwards from the right hip to its longest point just above her knees.
Like many Conjurors and Summoners, she has large sleeves in her outfit. Hers couldn’t really be called sleeves as they don’t attach to any portion of her outfit. They start at her elbows and go down her arm to her wrist. If she held her arms straight out at her sides, the sleeve would angle downwards from her elbow to a point just above her hips. The sleeve is held on by green ribbons woven through the fabric at the elbows and tied in a knot. The trailing ends are about four inches long.
As far as foot wear goes, she wears a fairly traditional Viera shoe. It’s a silver colored spiked heel held on to her foot by two twisted bands of silver. The rest of her foot is bare in order to keep her long toe claws free.

Birthday: June 05, a Cancer
Birthplace:  The Wood
Family: Mother Reon, younger sister Alri, Aunt Tmir.

Likes: solitude (she can concentrate on her training better alone; when she’s at home in the Wood alone, she feels she can hear it better if there’s no one else around), running (those long legs are great for it and it’s good exercise), she likes to feel the wind in her hair, traveling (so many things to see), wood carving/instrument making (She can carve and play an assortment of wind instruments. She is also quite familiar with the technique involved in fashioning bows. She has only made three in her life, but she knows how. She’s more proficient at wind instruments.)
carrots (just because she looks like a rabbit doesn’t mean she is one), fire (it’s good for cooking and for lighting your way in the dark, but it causes pain and lots of damage), blood (especially her own), beef and other tame game (after growing up on wild game, eating anything domestic bores her sense of taste), being confined and confining clothing, being compared to her sister.

Occupation: Conjurer, instrument/bow maker
Aspirations/ Goals: Wants to become a Summoner and see lots of new places. She wants to be able to overcome her fear of fire and e able to learn to call more Scielans.
She has successfully learned how to open the gateway between the two realms and call a Scielan. At present, she’s only managed to summon Mist Dragon and Ifrit, though she’s not fond of Ifrit and she has very little luck calling him.
Key Items/ Personal Treasures: In her pack, she carries a necklace given to her by her mother when she became a Conjuror. She also has a stuffed Moogle toy she’s had since her childhood (and was her favorite toy).
Pets: none, but she’s always wanted a pet Chocobo.

She is very dedicated to her training (despite her fear of fire), she is very sensitive to the Mist, carving wood
Weaknesses: She’s very reluctant to go into large towns. While liking to travel, she doesn’t like being away from wooded areas for long. She’s terrified that she’ll loose her connection to the Wood. Her fear of fire holds her back in both her black mage training as well as in her conjurer training.
Elyn is very shy and always has been. She is often compared to her more outgoing younger sister, Alri. Needless to say, she doesn’t like that at all, though she doesn’t say much about it due to her shyness. The more the comparison is brought up, the shyer she gets. She doesn’t make friends easily, but she does have a few and all of them are Viera. That’s just because until recently, she didn’t leave the Wood. In social situations, she tends to be a follower more than a leader.
She’s the butt of a few jokes in her family, as no one in her family had been a Conjurer, let alone a Summoner, for a very, very long time. 

Weapon: Rod
Skills/ Proficiencies/ Abilities: She can cast basic level black magic. She has extreme difficulty with fire but can cast thunder easily enough. Water is occasionally problematic. She doesn’t know how to cast blizzard yet.
Special Training: Aside from her black magic and conjurer skills, she really hasn’t received any special training as of yet.
Unique Skill:
She can hear and see enemies coming from quite a ways away. Using her thunder magic, she can electrify the orb on her staff. This can be used to either light a room (to make up for her lack of skill at fire) or to cause thunder damage when she hits someone with the orb.
Magic: Can cast (in order of ease) Thunder, Water, Fire. Can summon Mist Dragon with ease and can sometimes get Ifrit to appear, but with great difficulty.
Battle Technique/Style: She prefers to stay in the background of any fight as it’s easier to summon/cast magic from there.

History: Her life up until the age of fourteen was fairly simple. From the time she learned to walk, she was in training to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become an archer. Reon, her mother, was a gifted Sniper. Elyn showed the talent at archery, but had no enjoyment in it. In the long standing tradition of her family, once she was old enough to learn how, she began to make her own bow. Her aunt Tmir also taught her to make wooden instruments.
At the age of fourteen, she met a black mage who showed her how to tap into the mist to cast elemental magic. The idea of calling fire scared her, but she found an aptitude for thunder spells. It took a week and a half for Elyn and her black mage mentor Aris to convince her mother to allow her to continue training as a black mage rather than as an Archer. Her mother decided that it would be alright since Alri could carry on the Archer portion of the family tradition. Reon eventually told herself that Elyn was, in a sense, following in the family traditions since her great grandmother had been an Elementalist, although her talent had lain more in the blizzard spells rather than thunder as Elyn was showing.
During Elyn’s training as a mage, she encountered a Summoner. While the summoner in question had been a White Mage Summoner, seeing the Scielans she called forth impressed her so much that she asked her teacher about them. She was told that most Conjurers and Summoners were white mages, but it wasn’t unheard of for one to come from the school of black magic. Aris warned her that there was a chance that she wouldn’t have the aptitude to open the gateway to call Scielans to this world. For the first time in her life, Elyn wanted something so badly that she was willing to give whatever it took to get it. She studied and studied and trained. Aris was so impressed by her dedication that she brought another conjurer of the black mage school to meet with her and give her some pointers. At the age of twenty, after studying black magic and conjuring for six years, she managed to open the gateway long enough to call Mist Dragon, her first Scielan, earning her the title Conjurer.
Three years later, after much training and worry, she learned how to summon Ifrit. His fire based powers scared her so much that she hasn’t had much luck in calling him since then. It’s only when her need is so great that it overpowers her fear that she can call him at all. Those instances are few and far between.

Other Info: She has no scars at the moment, but is fascinated by the tattoos she’s seen some Humes sporting and toys with the idea of getting one of her own. She is especially in love with ones that cover large parts of the body. She saw this one Hume, a female dancer, that had vines tattooed up the side of one of her legs. Problem is, she’s not quite daring enough to get something similar done to herself. Perhaps when she gets over a lot of her shyness…