Name: Dreamsinger
Race: elf, Rover
Gender: female
Soul name: Fue
Talents/skills: As her name states, she sings quite well. Her aunt Newmoon taught her the art of passing history through song. Through her music she has the ability to soothe others. She can also fly (see history).
Description: 4’7’’, knee length black hair, usually in one long braid down her back tied with a strip of leather. Large blue eyes, slightly tanned skin. She’s very thin and fragile looking.
Scars/markings: crescent moon birthmark on her left shoulder blade
Family: twin sister Wolfdreamer, daughter of Wolf (mother) and Silvermoon (father). Both parents dead, raised by their father’s sister Newmoon. Uncle Lightheart, Aunt Fireball, and Uncle Straight Arrow
Life/lovemates: none
Clothing/jewelry: (Summer) Short blue skirt with silver stitching, grey sleeveless shirt, black knee high boots. (Winter) Black leggings, white long sleeved shirt, fur lined blue jacket, black knee high boots. Grey bandana around forehead, silver necklace with two silver beads and four blue beads and a silver wolf’s head pendant betweentwo blue beads.
Weapons: short sword, bow and arrows with blue-grey fletching. A dagger in her left boot
Personality: She has a normally calm disposition but its best to avoid her if she does get angry. She isn’t very strong but she makes up for that in her intelligence. She can hold her own in a fight if she has to.
History: Dreamsinger is a Halfling. Her mother is a Rover and her father is a Glider from Sky Castle Holt. She gets the powers to fly from him. She spent most of her life living with the Rovers. Among the Rovers, it is custom for the young adults to leave the band for a few years to learn about the world. Wolf was reluctant to let Dreamsinger go due to her lack of physical strength and despite the fact that all Rover cubs are trained in combat from the time they first learn to walk. This problem was solved when Wolfdreamer walked into the camp and calmly asked what Dreamsinger was doing, leaving without her. They’ve been traveling together most of the time since then, occasionally separating. Their current residence is Dream Holt.
Bond beast: none.