Secret Identity

Name: Megaera Marcellus
Name Meaning: Grudging; from Mars, the god of war--martial, warlike
Genetics: X-gene
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Human
Marital Status: Single, but has been known to go out on dates
Occupation: musician keyboards and synth
Age: 23
Appearance: Standing at 5'9'', Meg has two toned hair. The right side is purple and the left is left its natural shade of grey. Her eyes are also void of pupils and her irises are pale green. She's always wearing some kind of earring and her trademark purple lipstick.
Personality: Of the three Furies, she's the most relaxed, generally speaking. She's fairly calm, but flirty. She dates around but never commits to any one person. If she's angry, she holds a grudge for a very long time
Hobbies: fortune telling
Fears: loosing control of her life, getting a reading about her own death
Likes: purple, earrings, teasing
Dislikes: lingerie, jazz, kids, school
History: Born Megan Marcellus, Megaera grew up in the orphanage with Alecto, so they've known each other for pretty much as long as she can remember. In Alecto's case, she's always known Megaera. She isn't an orphan, really. Her parents were forced to give her up for adoption because of their various drug and alcohol problems. Their home was deemed unsuitable for raising a small child so, at age 6, she was trucked off to the orphanage. Understandably, this really upset her. She refused to answer to the name Megan, so after befriending Alecto, the woman who ran the establishment thought it would be amusing to rename her Megaera. The pair met up with Tisiphone in High School. Tis was in fact her real name. They became friends and formed their band, the Furies. Meg's cousin Nyx became their drummer. Of them all, she was the most reluctant to change the name of their band when they became popular.

Hero Identity

Hero Type: Group oriented/unwilling
Name: Desire
Appearance and Costume: As Desire, she pulls her hair back into a ponytail at the back of her head. She wears a thin dark purple mask that curls on the bottom. Her top is two colored. The outer color is dark teal and the inner color is dark purple. The shirt is v cut down to her belly button, exposing part of her cleavage. It's sleeveless with transparent black material edging the armholes. On her arms, she wears dark purple gloves that some up to her shoulders. The bottom part of her outfit consists of a dark teal panty-like short under transparent black pants. Her boots are flat footed, dark purple, and go part way up her calf.
Motivation/Explanation: She fights because Alecto and Tisiphone do. If they didn't, she likely would stay out of this all together.
Powers: As with her friends, she's a mutant as well with a powerful gift for Chiromancy, the ability to read futures from people's hands. Holding someone's hand automatically triggers this power so she won't shake or hold anyone's hands. Note that the contact must be hand to hand in order to trigger it, preferably her fingers to someone else's palm, but any part of the hand will do. Contact with any other part of the body won't trigger the gift.
Talents: Because her power isn't very useful in a fight, her cousin Nyx, has been teaching her some basic hand to hand combat as well as the use of basic weaponry. She's not very good with weapons yet, but is respectable at hand to hand.
Weakness: Truth be told, she really doesn't like to fight. She doesn't enjoy it. She also doesn't shake hands or things like that so people tend to think she's rude or cold or something along those lines. It's not as bad with her gloves on, but she can't wear them all the time. They're not all that comfortable.
Family History: Not born into a super hero line.

Theme Songs: 'Field of Innocence' - Evanescence