Dawnn and Lirith

Character name: Dawnn
Age: 65
Rank: Senior Queenrider
Weyr of origin: Southern Weyr
Father: Eiken (deceased)
Mother: Daloran (deceased)
Pets: brown firelizard mischief, runt feline Rascal
Physical description: Average height,a bout 5’5’’, graying blond hair, soft pale green eyes. Her skin is somewhat browned from being in the south for most of her life.
Personality: Fairly easy going, grandmotherly type person that people find easy to talk to. She is, however, capable of severe black eyed rages from time to time. She loves to tell stories and takes care of some of the Weyr’s children.
Life Story: Dawnn is from a family of ten with seven younger siblings. She often helped care for the younger ones. When people started to move south, her family went and were one of the first in Southern hold.
            Dragons always fascinated her. After impressing her brown firelizrd Mischief, her fascination grew until she befriended a weyrling bronze rider from the Weyr. His bronze Xith was more than willing to talk to her. She was Searched at fifteen and Impressed the queen egg. When Lirith was full grown, Xith won most of her flights. Eventually, Dawnn and J’meg became handfasted life partners. They have two children, twins who both impressed at Eastern Weyr.

Dragon: Lirith
Color: gold
Physical characteristics: She is a very dark gold with paler wingsails. She is on the small side for a queen.
Personality: Lirith is the perfect match for Dawnn. She is motherly and keeps a close eye on the weyrling dragons especially. She isn’t above mothering the mature dragons either, but the junior weyrlings are her favorites. Lirith is beyond rising so she does this out of instinct and the firm belief that if she doesn’t, no one else will.