Cyrus Adin
Age: 13
Birthday: May 12
Sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Appearance: brown hair, about to his shoulder blades, but held back in a ponytail. Bluish eyes
Crest: Darkness
Description of Crest: sword going through a crescent moon with a black circle between the two ends of the moon/sword bisecting a heart/six sided shape with Kage kanji with an eclipse on a blue-gray background. (Havenít decided which yet.)
Personality: never understood him much, but he sounded an awful lot like Kamui for some scary reason...
Background: Came from Washington DC. Father works for FBI, they are over here on assignment. It took a bit, but he was finally able to convince his father to let him go to a real school. He wants him to get rid of the bodyguards he has though. Has a single room where he can play with his computer.

Baby: Nekomon: a turquoise cat with big ears and fluffy tail
Attack: Shimmer Claws
Rookie: Jaffamon: a yellow and blue cat with lionís tail, bird wings, big ears and a puffy blue crest on head.
Attack: Razor Wind
Champion: Griffimon: a blue and tan griffin with multicolored feathers
Attack: Fear Blaster
Mega: Angelmon: a tall, blue-haired angel with large blue wings and a sword belted to her waist.
Attack: Light Sword