Name: Claudia Fiorenza DaVinci
Type: Telempathic telekinetic
An old friend of Adam’s, and has known him since they were in kindergarten. They’ve gone to the same schools and were in most of the same classes. They parted company just after high school graduation on bad terms. He hasn’t seen her since then.
She is one of the oldest people to receive gene therapy at Genomex. She had a cancer that wasn’t receding, so her parents took her there. One of Adam’s colleagues treated her. Knowing that they had a history together, Eckhart hid the fact that Adam worked there from her and kept the knowledge of her illness from Adam.
She had befriended Honor, as she was able to keep her mind and thoughts to herself so that she wouldn’t be bothered by them, so when she went missing, she did her best to find her. Using her powers, she rattled a few cages to try and find her, afraid that harm had come to her. When word reached Adam of a telempathic mutant wreaking havoc, he sent the team to investigate. When she loudly demanded that they leave unless they had knowledge of Honor’s whereabouts, Jesse stepped in and told her that they were trying to help her with her new powers. They took her to Sanctuary so that she could see for herself.
When she got there and learned that Adam, her old schoolmate, was their leader, she became hostile, demanding that they release Honor into her custody. Her dislike of Adam had grown over the years festered and grew into hatred. This surprised him, as he was shocked, yet extremely happy to see her again.
After talking to Honor, who insisted on staying at Sanctuary until she was better, Claudia reluctantly agreed to her reasoning, but insisted on staying as well, not trusting Adam around her. Her behavior puzzled them all until they overheard a conversation between the two about what happened when they’d last seen each other.