Secret Identity

Name: She'la'mak'ley Clan Shtaa'nkas'te, but her friends call her Makey
Name Meaning: Ice fire clan impenetrable stone fortress
Gender: Female
Nationality: On her home world, she's from the Ten'kala province, but on earth, she refers to herself as being Canadian
Ethnicity: Shai'then
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: weapons instructor
Age: 24
Appearance: Makey, as she prefers to be called on earth, has spiky red hair and bright yellow eyes. She's only 5'5'' and thin. Her eyes are large by Earth standards. She is nearly always in her small, energy conserving mode. When in this mode, she stands at a mere two feet. Her wings are teal colored. She likes to dye the tips a dark blue for fun. Her animal shape is feline and is dark blue with two tails. Each tail has a red tip. On her world, this animal is called a Jai'ling cat and is native to her home province.
Personality: Makey is very snarky and, strangely enough, catty. She likes to sleep and doesn't like being awake during the day. Earth's day/night cycle is opposite from her home world of Shei'lar's. She has yet to adjust to things being different. She has a very snide and warped sense of humor and cracks jokes at pretty much everything.
Hobbies: collecting old weapons, art, sleeping
Fears: small spaces
Likes: chicken, hunting, training
Dislikes: being called shorty and being referred to as cute, cute things in general, cooking
History: She'la'mak'ley was born roughly twenty four years ago in town of Jak'leiir in Ten'kala province. She's the only daughter with two younger brothers, both of which are civil servants now. The elder of the two works in the Palace itself, a source of pride for the family which also serves to increase their social standing. Being the only daughter, Makey was taught all manner of things from self-defense to advanced weapons training, as well as history, reading and writing. She was taught her numbers and the sciences as well, but was never very good at them. At age five, she began her physical training. Her teacher found that she had an aptitude for more complicated things and sent her to the Imperial Capital for more intense training. The end result is that she is a member of a minority of Shai'then, known as the Touched.

Life on Shei'lar was getting to be boring for her. She started traveling around the empire to see the different provinces not long after she turned sixteen and became a legal adult. Having seen pretty much everything there was to see, she headed to the Imperial Capital again and came across a group of aliens, a human among them. Fascinated, she decided to head for Earth and study their fighting techniques. After all, a fighter can't know too much about different techniques and styles.

Hero Identity

Hero Type: Cynical Anti-hero
Name: Nightshade
Appearance and Costume: Her appearance largely remains the same as she doesn't feel it necessary to wear a mask or special costume. After all, how many Shai'then are there on Earth anyways? She's pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. When doing hero stuff, she comes out of energy conservation mode.
Motivation/Explanation: Boredom mostly and it's a good excuse to apply all her physical training. She also likes to watch what humans do and it's a good study in racial differences.
Powers: Aside from her natural racial abilities, Makey is one of the minority of the Shai'then who have received training in the use of soul weapons. These are weapons that they call forth from within themselves. These weapons can't leave their hands or they'll vanish. Use of these weapons can be exhausting, especially away from their home system, so it's not likely that they'd use it that often until they fully acclimatize to wherever they are. This could take years to do. Makey is also a very good fighter.
Equipment: She doesn't like to carry a lot around with her as it could impede her when she chooses to either fly or take her animal shape. She does, however, carry a long dagger with her strapped to the outside of her right leg under her pants.
Talents: fighting, weapons use, racial shape change and flying abilities. (She's not a very good flier and doesn't do so often, preferring her animal shape over full wings.)
Weakness: Needs to reduce her size to energy conservation mode fairly often, so she's limited by her size in that case. She tends to behave like a cat when in animal shape. She' can't use her soul weapon in chibi form. It's too big and heavy. She's kinda choosy about when and where she helps, though she'll tag along anyways just to watch. She also tends to offer snide comments to those she's allied with at the time, which can distract them from what their doing and cause big problems.
Family History: Not born into a super hero line.

Theme Songs: 'The Bitch Song' – Bowling for Soup, 'Other World' – Final Fantasy X, 'Stand my Ground' – Within Temptation, 'Angels' – Within Temptation (still finding more)

Anything else: In energy conservation mode, Shai'then can use their smaller wings to fly, but it's more like floating than flying. A good size breeze will knock them around.