Organization:  Starfleet

Name: Anne Wolffe

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Species: human, female

Height: 5’8’’

Hair: Grey

Eyes: pale grey

Birth: September 11, 2117



Anne was raised in the backcountry of Ireland along with her twin sister, Tyler, several cousins, her parents, and assorted aunts and uncles. Her Grandmother taught them all to speak Gaelic and she is fluent in it though it’s proven to be more or less a useless talent outside of the family.

She was the more outgoing of the two in school and always stuck up for her younger twin when others made comments on her loner nature. Tyler defended her in return when the school bullies decided they wanted something from her. She excelled in biology and chemistry, eventually taking medicine at the University of Alberta and has earned her Doctorate in the field. She graduated in 2147 and earned her rank of Lieutenant Commander in 2150.