Airen and Fuenth

Character name: Airen
Age: 15
Rank: senior weyrling Greenrider
Hold of origin: Harper Hall
Father: Journeyman Harper Kenru
Mother: Aiken (deceased)
Pets: none
Physical description: Tall,a bout 5’10’’, short auburn hair and grene eyes that always seem to be laughing. She wears men’s clothing, almost completely scorning dresses (except for very formal occasions). She can usually be seen in brown leggings and brightly colored sleeveless tops.
Personality: Airen is usually easy going and amiable, easy to get along with, but it easily provokes if her honor or her dragon’s honor is questioned.
Life story: Before impressing, Airen was an Apprentice Harper, following in her father’s footsteps. She never really knew her mother, who had bene caught out during Threadfall and never seen again. Kenru, as a Journeyman Harper, was often away on assignments so he never had much time for Airen. She grew up a fosterling at Harper Hall. When her father was home he did nothing to discourage her from her habit of dressing as a boy, so the people at the Hall eventually got used to her odd style.
            Just before her thirteenth birthday, she was Searched by Fort Weyr and later Impressed green Fuenth. Due to her harper training Airen was designated as Weyrsinger and taken for training by the Fort Weyr ranking Weyrsinger. Her only human friends are the old Fort Weyr Weyrsinger and Kaliana, a Candidae from Southern Boll Hold.

Dragon: Fuenth
Color: Green
Physical Characteristics: Fuenth is a dark forest green with slightly lighter wingsails. She is currently eighteen meters long and is expected to be a large green at full growth.. She flies well with her rider and often wins Weyrling contests.
Personality: Fuenth has a bizarre sense of humor, matching her rider. She tends to be a bit on the thoughtful side and enjoys playing “I know something you don’t” games with Airen. Oddly enough she is interested in what her rider eats and has been known to strip berry bushes clean.
Impression Story: At age thirteen, Airen was searched by Fort Weyr. She was present for several hatchings and had begun to give up hope. She’d made friends with a young girl from Souhern Boll Hold named Kaliana. Hatchings came and went but still Airen hadn’t Impressed. Kaliana had, ironically, Impressed a delicate green named Chayath. Airen helped her friend take care of the young dragon when she wasn’t with the old Weyrsinger doing her lessons.
            Another clutch warmed on the sands and was ready to hathc. At the end, there was an egg that hadn’t moved at all. The queen had looked at it often during the hatching, crooning at it, then would turn her attention back to her other eggs. Airen refused to believe the Weyrwoman’s declaration that the egg was dead and to be disposed of between. She took it upon herself to hatch the egg. After almost a sevenday of care, the egg rocked. The dragons headed straight there. The weyrfolk came running to see what was going on. They were in time to see the shell shatter, revealing a tiny green female who squawked weakly. Airen helped the little dragonet to stand properly and Impression was made.