Human Form

Name: Makani Kauanoe
Meaning: The wind; The misty rain
Origin: Hawaii
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: November 13, a Scorpio
Blood Type: B (outgoing, optimistic, adventurous)
Tendencies: Tends to be very hyper emotional and moody.
Appearance : 5’11, 154 lbs. Tanned skin. Sun bleached hair and green eyes. He refuses to wear the stereotypical ‘Hawaiian’ shirts, preferring to wear black trousers and white button up shirts. He’s rarely seen in any color of denim or anything that has any kind of print on it.
Personality: secretive, mysterious, penetrating, self-reliant, and somewhat introverted or closed. He’s rarely in a good mood. His persistent glower makes people shy away from him; like they’re afraid he’ll do something to them if they get too close.
Education: Presently in his first year of college, first semester
Talents: swimming, surfing
Fears being exposed
Dislikes people who talk too much
Likes/Hobbies cartoons, scuba diving, snorkeling
Favorite Food: shell fish, pork
Least Favorite Food: beef
Favorite School Subject: Greek and Roman Mythology
Least Favorite Subject: Psychology
Favorite Gemstone: Ametrine (Assist one in accessing connection to higher self and successfully dealing with the stress that comes with following one’s truth. Physical: Assist the pancreas in functioning correctly, stimulates hyper oxygenation. Helps one to recognize and accept physical body changes. Emotional: Enhances the acceptance of compatibility, helps to clear emotional blockages and opens one to interaction and cooperation with fellowman without stress.)
Favorite Color: black
Favorite Flower: Queen Anne's Lace - Haven
Least Favorite Flower Coreopsis - Always cheerful
Strong points: Resurgent, resourceful, courageous, bold, enduring,
Weak points: Ruthless and intense, determined, powerful, strong-willed, forceful, competitive, researcher, an investigator, psychic
Family: Orphan, adopted by a Hawaiian family
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Senshi Form

Senshi Name: KnightNotus
Senshi Title: Warrior of the South Wind
Origin of Power/Influence: South blowing winds, rain
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Antares
Aura Color: black
Colors: black, gold, midnight blue
Type of Character In Battle: Aggressive
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol: fd2.gif
Henshin Object:
Henshin Phrase:
Henshin Sequence:
Fuku Design:
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapons: Hydria

Name of Power:
Power Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Supportive, Destructive)
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Affected Area:

Prince Form

Prince Name:
Name Meaning: