Human Form

Name: Dong Feng
Meaning: Easterly wind
Origin: Chinese
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: March 09, a Pisces
Blood Type: A (nervous, introverted, honest, loyal)
Tendencies: Tends to be a very kind person and honest without fail
Personality: His blood type says it all. Hes very introverted, but kind with a tendency to be nervous. Above all, he always tells people the truth and hes loyal to his friends. He has been known to tell others the truth even though it may cause them pain. Hes incapable of lying.
Education: Presently in his first year of college, first semester
Talents: Predicting the weather
Fears drowning, water
Dislikes swimming, water sports, skating
Likes/Hobbies ceramics, storm watching/chasing
Favorite Food: duck
Least Favorite Food: butter chicken, yogurt
Favorite School Subject: Meteorology
Least Favorite Subject: math
Favorite Gemstone: Dioptase (Assists one in living in the now and seizing the day. Helps one to be in touch with the forces that helps one to gain wisdom and correct the tendency to space out and become ungrounded. Physical: Eases pain, corrects disorders associated with lungs, heart and digestive absorption problems.
Emotional: Raises the consciousness balances the energies and calms the energies. Eliminates feeling of lack and assists one to see the richness in ones life no matter the circumstances.)
Favorite Color: grey-purple
Favorite Flower: Lavender colored Heather - Admiration, Solitude
Least Favorite Flower Amaryllis - Pride
Strong points: Charitable, receptive, peace-loving, charitable, compassionate, artistic, creative, dreamer, dedicated, imaginative,
Weak points: Anxious, supersensitive, impressionable, , serious, sympathetic, shy, introverted, and reclusive.
Family: Orphan, adopted by a Chinese family
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Senshi Form

Senshi Name: KnightEurus
Senshi Title: Warrior of the East Wind
Origin of Power/Influence: East blowing winds, storms
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Alrisha
Aura Color: storm grey
Colors: grey-purple, dark purple, storm grey
Type of Character In Battle: Destructive
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol: 1485773271486.jpg
Henshin Object: Necklace (8963468.jpg)
Henshin Phrase: Eurus Power, Transform!
Henshin Sequence:
Fuku Design: His hair becomes teal and his eyes golden with purple pupils.
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:

Name of Power:
Power Type: Destructive
Affected Area:

Prince Form

Prince Name:
Name Meaning: