Human Form

Name: Kitamura Kazehito
Pronunciation: Key-taa-moo-rah Kah-zey-hee-toe
Meaning: North village Wind person
Origin: Japan
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: January 01, a Capricorn
Blood Type: O (workaholic, insecure, emotional)
Tendencies: Cold and tends to be overly dramatic
Appearance: 64, 180 lbs. Hes quite largely built. He has naturally curly brown hair, but he prefers to spike it. He needs to shave every day otherwise he starts to look very scruffy. His eyes are light brown. As far as clothing goes, hes quite the clothes horse. He wears things that are trendy.
Personality: Hes very cold and slow to warm up to people. In his silence, he exudes an aura of power to those around him.
Education: Presently in his second year of college, first semester
Talents: Acting
Fears fire
Dislikes dry, hot places
Likes/Hobbies plays, acting, watching movies
Favorite Food: cold foods (ice cream, shaved ice, sushi) and popcorn
Least Favorite Food: anything spicy (especially wasabi)
Favorite School Subject: geology
Least Favorite Subject: Drama
Favorite Gemstone: Vanadinite Provides a deep connection with the power of creation and manifestation. Physical: May be used for the treatment of exhaustion and healing overuse of the physical vehicle. Emotional: Promotes the right use of ones resources. Creates a sense of patience and inner clarity during manifestation.
Favorite Color: white, ice blue, ice green
Favorite Flower: Alstroemeria - Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune
Least Favorite Flower Dahlia - Instability
Strong points: Principled, organizational, self-disciplined, thrifty, conservative, responsible, practical, persistent,
Weak points: Cheap, ambitious (power, position, money) ,rigid, prudent, security-conscious, methodical.
Family: Orphan, adopted by a Japanese family
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Senshi Form

Senshi Name: KnightBoreas (bohr'-ee-uhs )
Senshi Title: Warrior of the North Wind
Origin of Power/Influence: North blowing winds, cold
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Dabih
Aura Color: white
Colors: white, ice blue, ice green
Type of Character In Battle: Aggressive with proactive tendencies
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol: wind.jpg
Henshin Object: A brown leather cuff around his wrist with silver inlaid swirls of wind around the edges
Henshin Phrase: Boreas , transform!
Henshin Sequence:
Fuku Design: As KnightBoreas, his hair bleaches to blond with gray tips and his eyes become bronze colored with silver pupils. He has white wings sprouting from his back.
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapons: Winged Staff

Name of Power: Frigid Wind
Power Type: Offensive
Description: He raises his winged staff above his head and swings it downwards to release the blast of cold wind. This blast will stop most things in their tracks.
Affected Area:

Prince Form

Prince Name:
Name Meaning: