Name: Barbiel
Meaning: Sucess
Gender: Male
Age: older than dirt
Birthday: unknown
Blood Type: unknown
Appearance: In his guardian form, hes a white cat with yellow eyes. He rarely uses this form, preferring to masquerade as a plush toy. To non senshi, he appears to be an ordinary stuffed toy: a cat with four wings, fluffy tail, huge ears, and eyes slit like a snakes, but senshi can see that hes really alive.
His more human form has knee length hair that is light blond in color. His eyes are solid gold with darker gold pupils. Hes 62 and weighs 170 lbs.
Personality: He tends to be a little on the grumpy side of life, and is rather pessimistic about most things, preferring to be pleasantly surprised rather than horribly disappointed.


Fears: Hes not to fond of dogs
Dislikes: water
Likes/Hobbies: sleeping
Favorite Food: mint
Least Favorite Food: mustard
Favorite Gemstone: Angelite
Favorite Color: blue and green


Senshi Name: KnightBarbiel
Senshi Title: Senshi of Success
Aura Color: golden brown
Colors: golden brown, green, white, black
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Fuku Design: He wears a golden brown toga-like outfit that fastens over his left shoulder, leaving the other one bare. Its belted around the waist with a wide green sash. It slits just beneath the sash to leave his legs free. From there, it falls to the middle of his shins where the tops of his black boots are. His legs are covered with a form fitting pair of white leggings. Sprouting from his back are four light blue wings.


Henshin Transformation: All he does is think about being a senshi and he appears in his fuku.
Origin of Power/Influence: Success
Elemental strengths: luck, lightning
Elemental weaknesses: chaos, darkness, fear

Name of Power: Lucky Strike
Power Type: Supportive


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