Planet of origin: Barasei
Original name: Aishou (Sorrow)
Original name of starseed holder: Sailorbarasei
Civilian Disguise:
Disguise name:
She was an impoverished citizen of planet Barasei when Sailorandromeda arrived and killed Sailorbarasei. She approached the mighty senshi and, without fear, asked to go with her on her conquest of the galaxy. Sailornadromeda was so impressed by her audacity that she implanted her with the starseed of Sailorbara, creating the first Gemstone Knight: Sailordiamondrose.

Planet of origin: Fujisei
Original name: Kouseki (crystal)
Original senshi name: Sailorfujisei
Civilian Disguise:
Disguise name:
When her home world was attacked, Sailorwysteria begged Sailorandromeda to cease fighting, offering her surrender if her planet was left alone. Andromeda took her and turned her into Sailorcrystalwysteria, the second animamate and the first one to be the original posesser of the starseed.
She gets teased because she has really wide hips, a large chest, and very, very long thin legs. She’s the tallest animamate.

Planet of origin: Yuirsei
Original name: Seigyoku (Sapphire)
Original name of starseed holder: Sailoryurisei
Civilian Disguise:
Disguise name:
Her world was utterly destroyed and yet her pride would not let her surrender to the reborn Shadow Galactica. Finally, Andromeda kills her, taking her starseed. On the moon orbiting the dead world, she found a young woman suitable for carrying the starseed and she became the third animamate.
She’s the shortest, even shorter than Quartzdaisy. She’s very boyish looking as well.

Planet of origin: Keshisei
Original name: Kaben (petal)
Original senshi name: Sailorkeshisei
Civilian Disguise:
Disguise name: Chimidoro Hinageshi
Meaning: blood stained red poppy
She actively sought out Sailornadromeda in fear for her life. She made a deal with her, joining the Shadow Galactica to save herself and her people. She was later the one who completely destroyed her home world, blowing it up for they were suspected of harboring a resistance movement against the Shadow Galactica.
Her bangs completely cover her eyes. Whether she can see or not is up for debate.
Powers: Galactica Bloodbath
Planet of origin: Yomenasei
Original name: Taki (waterfall)
Original senshi name: Sailoryomeinasei
Civilian Disguise:
Disguise name: Hitohira Hisen
Meaning: Petal Waterfall
The youngest of the animamates. The people of her world gave her to Sailorandromeda in hopes that, with their senshi protector gone, she’d leave them alone. Her anger at the betrayal of her people carries over into her new life as Sailorquartzdaisy.
She looks kind of like a gypsy.

Planet of origin: Tanpoposei
Original name: Kizuishou (citrine; gold crystal)
Original name: Sailortanpopo
Civilian Disguise: Police officer
Disguise name: Asagi Hokouei
Meaning: Light yellow dandelion
She had barely become a senshi when the reborn Shadow Galactica descended on her world. No one knew about the Sailor Wars and no one noticed when she was gone. When she was found missing, the authorities assumed that she’d been abducted. After a weekhad gone by, she was assumed to be dead. No one would ever know her true fate.
Her hair looks as if it had been torn and shredded and hangs in tatters in front of her face.

Planet of origin: Kinmokusei
Original name: Kakyuu
Original senshi name: Sailorkakyuu
Civilian Disguise:
Disguise name: Ginmokusei Kouhaku
Meaning: Fragrant olive Amber
With Chaos possessing her body, Sailorandromeda knew all of Galaxia’s struggles, all of the planets she’d conquered, and all of the starseeds that had escaped her grasp. She headed for planet Kinmoku. There, she razed it to the ground, took the starseeds of the Sailorstarlights as their princess watched on helplessly. With her protectors dead, Sailornadroeda placed the bracelets of the animamates on her wrists, creating Sailoramberosmanthus, who then turned on her people. There were no survivors.
Her fuku remains the same as her original Sailorkakyuu fuku save for the addition of the chaos bracelets.