Legend of the Galactic Heroes

One of my more favorite shows of all time, and yet it's not very popular at all. Some say it's the length, others the seriousness of the subject matter. Regardless, I don't know a lot of people who like it. In fact, I personally only know one person who does.

Anyways, five years ago I tried to write a LoGH fic. This was how I kept myself occupied during my time at the Doughnut Shop of Horrors (otherwise known as Robins Doughnuts). I never finished it and thought it lost until recently, when I found a partial file of it. I say partial because I know I wrote more out by hand, but clearly never typed it all up. I've editted the file a bit to clean up spelling errors and standardizing the spelling of the names of the characters. I've learned that, while Germanic names sound nice, they're a pain to spell.

I don't have enough written to post here yet, but I'm determined that I will when I get it written. I jsut wanted to get this up and working first. My story is completely AU. I'm kind of ignoring how the first season went. Certain events are being discarded entirely, such as the take over of Iserlohn Fortress by the Free Planets Alliance. It was essential to ignore this, for my story takes place within the Galactic Empire and Iserlohn is my staging area. For now. We'll see how this develops.

The Raven