The Thuban Initiative

It had started as a routine trip back to the distant planet of Thuban to check on the progress of the reconstruction. Everything had seemed fine until she’d entered the palace. Queen Erytheia hadn’t been at the palace at the time as she was working with some architects on the southern part of the capital city. The palace had been the first thing that Erytheia had rebuilt. A kingdom was no good without a seat of power, after all.

She wandered through the silent building, noting the changes that had been made from the original palace to the new one. There were extra rooms, more spacious hallways, and more decorations to the stonework. It was completely empty save for her as everyone was out lending a hand to get their city livable again. The only sound was made by the heels of her silver boots as she walked. In one part of the palace complex, the gurgling of decorative fountains could be heard.

She rounded a corner and frowned. I wasn’t aware that they were adding rooms to this wing of the palace, she thought as she walked. The ornate door and its exquisitely carved door frame at the end of the hallway seemed out of place in the emerald green corridor. The door was made from white stone and was far more ornate than anything in that wing of the palace.

Cautiously, the blue haired woman approached the strange door and eased it open. Behind it was a shimmering wall of light. She instantly recognized that for what it was.

A time portal? she pondered. What is one of those doing here? I thought there was a strict lock down on these things. Who is responsible for this? She looked at it carefully. I need to report this, but first let’s see where it goes. With that, she stepped through.

The scene of destruction that greeted her on the other side shocked her to the core. She was clearly still in the palace, but is was nearly completely destroyed and looked worse than it had before Erytheia restored it. Entire walls had been blown apart. Through the holes, she could see the city, which had suffered just as badly.

She ran through the holes in the wall to reach the outside, dodging around large sections of debris and going around holes that had been blasted in the ground. There were bodies everywhere. The stench was overwhelming and clouds of flies clouded her vision. Finally, as she neared the wall around the palace, she couldn’t take it anymore. She collapsed to her knees and was violently ill. When her stomach was empty, she got back up to her feet, her legs shaky and weak. She left the palace grounds at a slower pace this time, looking around.

“What happened here?”

She roamed through the city, desperately looking for anyone that might have survived the destruction. It wasn’t until she reached the outer limits of the city that she found them, huddled together in a mostly collection of make shift tents. They stared at her in disbelief.

“Sailorastarte!” they cried in joy. “You still live!”

That doesn’t sound good… “Yes, I’m alive, but I’m not who you think I am. What happened here?” She quickly explained how she’d come to be there and they were more than willing to tell her what she wanted to know. At the end of their narrative, she swore to them that she would do everything in her power to set things right again.

Astarte headed back through the portal in the palace and set off back towards Earth, seeking out Sailordraco and the constellation senshi.

A new war had begun.

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