Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: D
Volume 06
Act 22: Search for the missing senshi

“It’s not fair,” Ryuusenshi said, staring out of the tall window in Tamashii’s living room. It had started to rain on the way over and it was coming down in sheets so thick it was difficult to make out much beyond the window. “Why them?”

“The more I think about it, the more I think that Astarte is right about that,” Ginme said slowly. “All together, we make a very, very large group of senshi. If you were to split us up by either disabling or killing people, it whittles us down to a more manageable number.” Seeing the tears forming anew in Ryuusenshi’s eyes, he continued. “I think they’re just disabled for the time being, Ryuusenshi. The doctors found nothing wrong with them. I think that whoever is leading our enemies just wants them out of the way. She might kill them later. I don’t know, but the important thing right now is to keep it together and continue fighting. I don’t know about you, but I really, really want to find this brother of mine.”

“From what we saw in our memories, he looks just like Yaten,” Riley said. “Tamashii, why don’t you call Yaten? He might know about anyone who looks like him. The guy we’re looking for could possibly have a job as his stunt double or something.”

Tamashii shook her head. “I could, but we’re not actually dating anymore. We broke up a couple days ago. Oh, come on. Don’t look so shocked. It’s not like it was a harsh break up. We just felt more like friends than lovers.”

“Lovers?” Ryuusenshi chocked. “I didn’t know things had gotten…that far yet.”

“Oh please!” Tamashii rolled her eyes. “Give me some credit here. They didn’t get there at all. That’s just how things feel. It’s an expression, Ryuu, nothing more. Don’t tell me that you have feelings for him still?”

“No. Not anymore. It’s kind of hard to hold a candle for someone who’s really a woman. I’m pretty sure that my feelings for him were the product of my unremembered feelings for this Prince Anrui of Alderamin.”

Ginme’s lips twitched. “I think that this is all kind of funny. Seiya used to get on my case about you all the time, telling me to stay away from you, and here you are with feelings for this brother of mine.”

“Seiya? Why would he do that?” Clover blinked, the answer coming to her. “He likes her?”

Ryuu nodded. “Yes, he does. He’s never done much about it though.” She sighed. “Astarte? Demeter? Any ideas on finding Anrui?”

Astarte shrugged. “No, but my priority right now is to get my human form back, which should be accomplished by getting you all powered up and getting into the Maze.”

“Hold on a second, Astarte,” Demeter said. Putting a paw on the other cat’s shoulder. “I think we should find Anrui first. More senshi will make us just a more powerful team. Ginme and Mizuumi both mentioned how powerful the Maze’s guardians are. If we’re stronger, we stand a better chance.”

“But that also means one more senshi to power up as well,” Astarte reminded her.

“We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it,” Insei said, siding with Demeter.

“Now just you wait a minute,” Astarte started angrily.

“Astarte!” Ryuusenshi stood, startling everyone with the tone of her voice. “Demeter is right. We’re going to find Anrui first. If you have any objections, keep them to yourself. You’ve been living as a cat for a long time. I’m sure you can wait a little longer to return to normal. Anrui is important to me and to Ginme. To Kinrei as well, as the addition of Kinrei, KnightCepheus, will give us three Knights. If you won’t help me, I’ll do this by myself.” She left, slamming the door behind her.

The other senshi winced. Ginme looked at them. “I’ll help her. Anyone else?”

Clover cleared her throat. “I’ll help, too.”

Ikkakujuu looked torn, but eventually said, “I think I’ll help Astarte look for the entrance to the Maze. If I see anyone who looks like he might be our missing senshi, I’ll let you guys know, but I think it’s best if we split up and do both things at once. When we find one of the two things we’re looking for, we can then move on to the next, but it’s a better use of our resources that way.”

Kinrei looked a little surprised at that. “How old are you again, Ikkakujuu?”

“Fifteen, why?”

“No reason, but you sound like Moon, the cat that found me and Insei.”

“I’ll help Astarte as well,” Tamashii said firmly. “I don’t really want to be involved with the search for someone who looks like my ex-boyfriend, even if it was a mutual break up.”

“Fair enough. Riley? Kinrei? Insei? Mizuumi?” Ginme asked.

“Insei should help look for Anrui while I help look for the Maze,” Kinrei said. “We work well as a team, but if something happens, we know each other well enough to be able to find where the other is.” The cousins shrugged. “It’s just something we’ve developed over the years and it might be useful here.”

“Interesting,” Demeter commented.

Riley and Mizuumi exchanged looks. “I guess that leaves us on the fence still.”

“I’ll help with the Maze,” Mizuumi said. “I know what it’s guardians feel like and if I come across their auras, it could mean that the Maze is nearby.”

“So it looks like I’m searching for Anrui,” Riley said nodding. “Let’s get on with this. No sense sitting around here wasting time.”

“Perhaps you hadn’t noticed, Riles, but it’s pouring rain out there,” Tamashii reminded her.

“A little rain never hurt anyone,” Ginme said cheerfully. “Right Riley?” Riley nodded enthusiastically.

“Hear hear!” Kinrei added, grinning.

Tamashii sighed. “Leave it to the two water senshi to think that this rain isn’t a bad thing.”

“But Riley’s an air senshi.” Clover frowned.

“I love the water,” Riley explained. “I can’t fly, so I swim. It feels the same to me. Well, except for the breathing problem.”

Ginme stood. “Riley. Clover. Insei. Demeter. Let’s get going. Keep in touch, guys,” he said to the senshi looking for the Maze.

Hours later, the rain hadn’t let up any and the four senshi and small grey cat were soaked to the bone despite having umbrellas. The cars on the road kept splashing water up onto the sidewalks and the areas with puddles outnumbered the ones without, making it very hard to keep their feet dry. They decided to head for the Crown to try and warm up. Just outside the doorway, Clover stopped, looking through the rain behind them.

“Umm, I hate to send us back out into this, but there’s something not quite right here.”

“Such as?” Insei asked miserably.

“I think I sense an enemy,” she replied slowly.

Ginme groaned internally. He’d been looking forward to a nice mug of hot coffee and getting off his feet for a while. “We’d best check it out,” he forced himself to say. “If it’s nothing, we can come back. If it’s an enemy, then we’ll kick it’s ass for forcing us to stay out in the rain longer.”

“Sounds reasonable to me,” Riley said, nodding. They ran for a secluded corner. “Aquila Constellation Power…”

“Perseus Constellation Power…”

“Lyra Constellation Power…”

“Orion Constellation Power…”

“Make Up!”

Shortly after transforming, they found the enemy that Clover had sensed. It was the Hyades that Demeter had called Coronis. There was a shield around her that kept the rain from getting her wet. She looked at them. “Oh good. Sailorsenshi. And KnightPerseus as well.” She licked her lips. “What a lucky day. We were told to leave you alive, but our Queen wasn’t specific about the state of your health.”

Perseus blinked, puzzled. “I’d rather not find out what this Queen of yours has in store for me.”

“I’m sure that she just wants to play,” Coronis said, smiling. Her vacant purple eyes seemed to look right through them.

“You’re not going to get our friend that easily,” Sailororion told her coolly. “Orion Ice Spear!”

Coronis dodged the attack. “Nice try, little girl, but your powers are no match for mine. Spider Bite!” Small bumps appeared on the portions of Orion’s skin that were visible around her fuku. She fell to the ground, scratching helplessly at her skin, causing some of the bumps to ooze blood.

Sailoraquila looked at Sailorlyra. “Why don’t we try that double attack?” Lyra nodded. “Altair Eagle Harmony Power!”

“Vega Flower Harmony Power!”

“Summer Harmony Illumination!” The two senshi said in unison as the beam of light made of two twined beams of pastel green and red shot from their outstretched hands. It hit Coronis in the shoulder, putting a hole in one of the straps of her top. Not a big one, but it was still a hole and the skin beneath it smoked nastily.

“So you think that your combined powers will be enough to take me out?” she scoffed. “Not likely. Scorpion Sting!” A black scorpion tail rose up out of the ground and lashed at Lyra, knocking her to the ground. She was out cold. The attack had put a hole in the back of her fuku, scorching the fabric and making her bleed. Her skin was slowly turning black around the wound.

Perseus watched as Aquila engaged Coronis in physical combat. What do I do? I can’t fight Coronis with my powers. I’m not strong enough. He clenched his fists. At this rate, we’ll all be poisoned and on our way to being dead. I won’t meet my brother either. A warmth raced through his body and the symbol for the constellation of Perseus appeared on his forehead, pulsing with dark blue energy. Something clicked in his mind.

“Perseus Spirit Power, Make Up!” he called out. His uniform changed from the one he shared with KnightHydra and became a high necked dark gold shirt with ling sleeves under a short sleeved dark blue shirt with a v-neck. The blue shirt was long, going past his hips. Under that he wore a pair of loose grey pants and teal boots. Wrapping around his body from his right shoulder was a teal sash edged in gold. His hands were bare of gloves.

Demeter watched the transformation in surprise. She’d figured that, of this group, that Aquila would reach her next level of power first. Not that she was going to complain, but it was still a bit of a surprise. She watched as Perseus knelt beside Lyra.

“Come on, Lyra,” he said encouragingly. “Are you going to let this bitch kill you like this? There’s so much left to do and we need you.”

Lyra opened her pain fogged eyes and looked at his new uniform. “You did it, Ginme. Confratulations.”

“You can do it, too,” he told her. “What do you have to live for? What’s the one thing more than any other that keeps you going?”

Lyra searched inside her soul. Why do I do this? My friends. The answer came swiftly. Because I have friends who are like me. Because I’m no longer a freak. “Lyra Spirit Power, Make Up!”

Her bodice split in two and the top portion shrank to just under her bust line, gaining a green band along the bottom that tied in a knot and left two tails trailing down her front. On the left side of her skirt, above the waist band there was now a piece of green fabric that went around from the middle of her waistband to the middle of the back. It curved upwards, the highest point only coming halfway up her side before it curved back downwards again. The pads on her shoulders straightened and split down the middle with a green band through the middle. Her collar lost its stripe. Her gloves shrank, becoming like the ones Perseus had worn but with three yellow rings around her wrists. Her bow changed, becoming yellow and made of a thinner ribbon than her old one. It was clipped in the middle by a bronze heart shaped broach. Asmall portion of her cleavage could be seen behind the bow as the neckline of her bodice had changed a little, making a kind of a keyhole in the front. The back bow was still bronze, but the trailing ends were now knee length. The part of her footwear that was on her feet remained unchanged, and the bronze bands at her knees and ankles were the same as well, but instead of the poofy yellow sections, she now had criss-crossing yellow ribbons clipped in the front where the two ribbons formed an x shape with round bronze buttons. Finally, there was now a bronze stripe on her green skirt just before the bottom edge of the skirt.

Supersailorlyra stood, her injury healed by the boost to her powers. Looking beside her at Orion, she saw that her uniform had changed. Apparently, she’d been listening to Perseus.

She retained her tiara, but her uniform otherwise was so completely different from her old one that Lyra, Perseus, and Demeter had to look twice to be sure that it was indeed Orion. Her sailorcollar was still present, but was completely white and didn’t attach in the front the way it had before; it joined with the peaks of the blue sleeveless bodice she now wore. Her cleavage would have been visible had it not been for the triangular piece of dark green cloth with a golden stripe on it that was seen going up to her throat. She had sleevelets of the same color with a similar stripe on her arms, but those didn’t attach to the rest of her uniform. Instead of a skirt, she wore dark cyan pants with a hollow golden diamond on the outside edge of her thighs and a smaller diamond, also hollow, on the inside seam of the pants halfway up her calves. The bottom hem had a golden stripe. Had her pants been tucked into her boots, they would have been the same style as her old ones, but completely white like her collar. She no longer had her hair in a red ribbon as well. It was now tied up in a half ponytail. There was no sign of her gloves. She looked somewhat nauseated, but otherwise fine as she got up to her feet.

By this point. Coronis had managed to knock Aquila flat on her back and was looming over her with a gloating expression on her face. She hadn’t noticed the transformation of three of the senshi.

“Orion Nebula Blast!” The swirl of icy cold wind and blinding light knocked Coronis back a few steps.

Stepping forward, Perseus brought his arms up in a cross in front of himself. Flinging them outwards, he yelled, “Gorgon Reflection!” The attack turned one of Coronis’ arms into stone.

She screamed and clutched at her stone limb, glaring at him. “For that, I will personally tear your arms off slowly.”

Lyra stood sideways beside Perseus, her back near his arm. In her hands, she held a golden lyre decorated with three real looking roses at the top and a rosebud on each side between the swirled pieces of metal. “You’ll have to get past the rest of us first.” She placed the lyre against her shoulder. “Lyra Earth Serenade!” she said as she played a short tune on the golden strings. Coronis tried to block her ears, but with only one useable hand, it was very difficult.

Aquila got up. “Don’t I feel left out,” she muttered, her hands clenching into fists.

In response to her anger at being knocked down and her feelings of inadequacy, a transparent eagle flew down from the sky and landed on her shoulder, mantling its wings and screaming a challenge.

“I will not be defeated by the likes of you, Coronis! Aquila Spirit Power, Make Up!” The eagle expanded and wrapped around her body, altering her fuku. The bells that had been on the red bands at the top of her thigh high boots were now attached to the ribbon binding her blue hair in a ring at the side of her head. The ribbon also now trailed to her earlobe. Her star broach became a heart and her blue front bow became a red tie clipped by the broach so that it trailed down her front in two short tails. Her puffed sleeves vanished, turning into sleeves that left her shoulders bare. Each sleeve consisted of a gold band at the top and a loose tube of white fabric that went nearly to her elbows. On the outside edge of each sleeve, there was a square section cut out. Red and blue ribbons crisscrossed through the opening. Her bodice had changed as well, becoming two separate sections. The main section was cut on a diagonal from just below her right breast almost down to her waist, edged in yellow. A red stripe cut across her left breast from the side of the arm hole, meeting up with the yellow ribbon along the hem. From the opposite side of the bodice came another red stripe, stopping where it crossed with the other red stripe. The second part of the bodice went straight across her waist, edged in yellow like the other section. It was crossed with red stripes the way the main section was. Her waistband was the same as it had been, but there was a red stripe at the top of the skirt at the bottom edge of the waistband. The rest of her skirt was still yellow, but she no longer had a back bow. Her boots were now knee high and blue like her collar with a red band around the top attached to a band of red ribbon that ran diagonally from the outside edge of her boot to the inside and back up again. The heel of her boots were now solid instead of the heels she’s had before. There was a rectangular section cut out on the top of her feet with three diagonal red bands running through it. Her gloves, collar, and chocker remained unchanged by her transformation.

With determination in her eyes, she looked at Coronis. “Aquila Razor Wind!” The wind whipped at Coronis’s clothing, tearing it to shreds just before she shrieked and vanished before her clothes were completely shredded.

Demeter looked at the four senshi. “Well, this was unexpected, but most pleasant. It seems that our enemy made a grave mistake by sending the Hyades after you. Faced with an enemy much more powerful than you, your sailor crystals reacted to the danger and you became stronger. I’m pleased that you managed this.”

“Yeah, I’m as glad as the next senshi that I’m stronger, but can we please get out of the rain?” Lyra pleaded. “I’m cold and wet and not happy about either.”

Perseus grinned at her. “I thought you flower types loved a good rain.”

She glared at him through her bangs. “Rain is one thing. This downpour is another. Flowers like to be watered, not drowned.”

They laughed and returned to their normal selves, heading into the Crown.

In her apartment, Akimi leaned her head against a wall, taking deep breaths. Her heart was beating rapidly, pounding in her ears. She felt like she was hanging over a deep chasm by a thread that was rapidly thinning and ready to snap at any moment. A part of her wanted to fall into the chasm, but the sensible part of her mind wanted to climb up the thread and get free. She felt dizzy, kind of like how she imagined her first kiss would feel like, but she had no boyfriend and clearly hadn’t been kissed at all in her life time, not like that anyways.

She sank to the floor, holding her head with one hand with her other resting over her heart, squeezing the fabric of her school uniform. It took a while for the feeling to pass. What’s going on? What’s happening to me? I felt a surge of…something and then this started. I feel sick and yet so good I think I could fly. I feel full of energy. She looked out at the rain. Ever since I helped Ginme and his friends with their memories, I’ve felt…tense, I suppose is what I’d call this. Apprehensive, too. It’s like something is going to happen soon. She shook her head. I should get some sleep. I haven’t slept well at all lately either.