//Sister Sites\\


Do you want to be affiliated with me or become a Sister site? Just drop me a line. What does that mean, exactly? Free linkage, for one thing. If you're having a contest or something you want to promote, I'll advertise it here to help increase your traffic. Heck, there's even the possibility of crossover ficcyness.

Just a few things first. I'm more inclined to accept sister applications from people I know either personally or by reputation and people who have great characters or great sites. Granted, right now, I'll accept anyone with a cool otaku senshi and a webpage. No generic senshi characters allowed. Those are the only real requirements. It's also nice if all or most of the site links work. It's irritating to have broken ones. I will be going over your websites when you apply, so be warned.

When I accept your sister application, I'd like you to pick a buddy, one of my senshi characters to be the sister (or brother) of one of your characters. If you want to use one of my villains as a sibling, that's no problem either. I'll just have to make a sprite for that one. If you have your own sprite to use, then I'll upload a copy of that sprite to my server. If not, I'll make one for you.

Presently available characters:

If you just want to be an affiliate, send me your webpage url and a sprite (if you don't have on, I can make one for you) and I'll add you to the list.