Planet of Origin: Deneb
First Appearance: Book 01 Act 04: Rise of the Dragon Star
Affiliation: The Olympiads, later the constellation senshi
Senshi level: basic
Senshi Title:
Origin of Influence:
Type of character in battle:
Senshi Strengths:
Senshi Weakness:
Aura/Primary color: dark blue
Secondary color: ultramarine
Tertiary color: dark grey
Other colors: blood red
Fuku design:
Civilian name: Hyoushou/Hakuchouno Mizuumi
Meaning: Ice crystal/swan lake
Appearance: she’s very tall, standing at 6’, but with a small frame. She only weighs 150 lbs. Her eyes are light grey. Her hair is blue and goes down to mid thigh.
Gemstone: jasper (creativity, spirituality, harmony)
Flower: Hydrangea (Thank-you for understanding, Frigidity, Heartlessness)
Weapon: none
Powers: none shown