Name: Kouhai Insei
Meaning: Destiny Falling star
Princess/Prince: Princess of Betelgeuse
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: December 20
Blood Type: B
Appearance: At 5’4’’ and 120 lbs, Insei isn’t the most physically imposing person. Her brown eyes are happy enough though. Her brown hair is shoulder length and she tends to wear it loose.

Personality: Insei is very fierce and competitive. She pushes to get her own way at things and rarely doesn’t get what she wants. Despite her outward Grease Monkey appearance, she has a weakness for nice clothes, even though she rarely buys any. If she can’t wear it while working on her cousin’s car, why should she have it?

Education: not attending school
First Appearance: Book 03, Act 12: A second short break – New students and neighbors


Talents: fixing cars
Fears going blind
Dislikes girly girls
Likes/Hobbies cars, fixing things
Favorite Food: Sauce Katsu
Least Favorite Food: Indian curry
Favorite Subject: Mechanics
Least Favorite: English
Favorite Gemstone: Green onyx
Favorite Colors: green and blue
Favorite Mythological Animal: Centaur
Favorite Animal: Butterfly
Favorite Flower: Plum blossoms
Least Favorite Flower: Belladonna lilies
Club Membership: none
Strengths: Go-getter attitude
Weakness: Pretty boys, nice clothes, concentrating on things around pretty boys
Family: Grandfather, cousin Kinrei
History: The best day of her life was the day that her cousin Kinrei moved into her Grandfather’s house at the bottom of the hill despite the tragic circumstances surrounding it. The quickly became friends. As her grandfather was a car mechanic, they often went to the Twin Rings race track and learned their mutual love of cars while watching him work. She came to Tokyo with him after he was injured in a race. As he knows nothing of the finer points in mechanics, she insisted on coming.
Both cousins found out about their senshi powers from Moon, their grandfather’s ancient cat. They’d never had much use for their powers, being very secluded from the rest of the world. They came into their powers at roughly the time that the fight with Galaxia was drawing to an end. Because their powers were still weak, they thought it best to stay hidden, figuring it to be for the best.
Moon has a closer bond to Moon than Kinrei does, and consequently, Moon is viewed as being ‘her’ guardian.


Senshi Name: Sailororion
Senshi Title:
Introduction Speech:
First Appearance: Book 04, Act 13: The eagle and the lyre
Planet: Betelgeuse
Aura Color: cyan
Colors: cyan, dark blue, red
Type of Character In Battle: Protective with offensive tendencies
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapon: Celestial Bow


Green scarf, chocker, back bow, and broach; dark blue tiara stone, front bow, skirt, glove ends and band on the top of her boots; light blue high heeled boots



Basic Henshin Phrase: Orion Constellation Power, Make Up!
Super Henshin Phrase: Orion Spirit Power, Make Up!
Henshin Object: A pendant depicting an eight-pointed star
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: Air, with powers coming from ice
Elemental strengths:
Elemental weaknesses:

Name of Power: Orion Dust Storm
Power Type: Defensive
Description: Kicks up a whirlwind of dirt that batters at her enemy. Her strength and level of power will determine the size, strength and number of whirlwinds. At a high level of power, a large whirlwind would be able to pick her target up off the ground.

Name of Power: Orion Ice Spear
Power Type: Offensive
Description: Sends either a shower of ice shards or a large shard at her target.
Affected Area:

Name of Power: Orion Nebula Blast
Power Type: Offensive
Affected Area:


Princess Name: Nagareboshi
Name Meaning: Shooting star
Attire: Nagareboshi sighed, toying with her bright red neck ribbon. Her long cyan skirt was pleated beneath the dark blue bodice with its elbow length sleeves, slashed from elbow to shoulder to show her arms.
-- Book 05, Act 19: The Past
Powers: none
Personality: No change to personality
First Appearance: Book 05, Act 19: The Past


Opening Theme:
Image song:
Dance Club Mix: "
Memory Retrieval Mix:
Romance Mix:
Background Mix :
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix:
Closing Theme: